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    Looking for Auto Parts Store That Can Order ACDelco Graystone Metallic Touch-Up Paint...

    Another thing you might try is to go to a local body shop and see if they are willing to mix a small amount for you using the paint code. Its a long shot but it could work.
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    Looking for Auto Parts Store That Can Order ACDelco Graystone Metallic Touch-Up Paint...

    Oh I didn't see whre you were. My order said up to 14 days I got it in 5, but Im in Texas.
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    Looking for Auto Parts Store That Can Order ACDelco Graystone Metallic Touch-Up Paint...

    Some Advance Auto store mix paint and even put it in aerosol cans. I just ordered and received my touch up paint from TouchUpDirect using the paint code on the production plate. Its a 2 stage system with prime, base and clear, which is the correct way to touch up and get good color match.
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    Ammonia is the solution

    Never said it was safe just like the jerk who replied to my comment and failed to read the entire thing.
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    Ammonia is the solution

    Not to mention highy toxic chlorine gas used in commercial pools is trucked around. Plus in the old days ammonia was used as a refrigerant in old refrigerators and is still used in commercial coolers and on farms. I wouldn't be worried about it, but there is always that one clown saying here...
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    Bulletproof Jogger

    More like Chicago
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    wiper blade recommendations

    I recently got the Michelin silicone wipers, they work really really well, but longevity is TBD
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    Can thicker oil prevent rocker arm failures in Pentastar 3.6 V6?

    Or bad design, improper heat treament, bad metalurgy or bad machining.
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    The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Is the Pickup Formula Perfected

    Back in my day we had simple uncomplicated cars.Why can't we keep them that way, dang computers and plastic headlights are too complicated, plus EV explode all the time and don't have manual windows or a 4 speed M/T with no sycros
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    Favorite laundry soap..

    I use Persil. Easy to find and cheap. Plus its made by the same company that makes threadlocker and superglue so there's that lol
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    Looking for home/auto insurance suggestions

    For top of the line coverage Amica, they are very picky on who they insure but the service as an insured is second to none.
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    Best Plastic Trim UV Protection?

    I've used 303 on everything from trim to plastic thats outside in the Texas sun, 303 does work.
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    Machining Wheels???

    Try Wheels of America, we use them for a lot of wheel repairs.
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    Purple Power NOT safe on aluminium!

    I've been saying that over and over when some one posted using PP as an engine flush. It even says it on the label. Alkaline chemicals are a no no on any Alu.some folks here said I was over exaggerating. Guess I win.
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    Harbor freight electrical tape

    100% agree. Its the best electrical tape out there. Worth every penny I have several colors in my tool bag and keep a roll in the trunk.I will never buy the cheap stuff, because in the end cheap=redo.
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    How important is an OEM oil filter?

    Oh lol yea its hard to decipher tone in writing.
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    How important is an OEM oil filter?

    Wow dude it's a JOKE!!! Knudson valve? Muffler bearing?
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    How important is an OEM oil filter?

    No the dropped valve is absolutely related. A non oem filter created enough negative hydraulic pressure because of the incorrect silicon bypass valve pressure, this in turn deactivated the Knudson valve which caused a spun muffler bearing, the spun bearing created a 10000 psi back pressure which...
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    There are two kinds of people

    When I drive in unfamiliar or dangerous areas at night I never let it get below 1/4, especially when I was in Mexico.