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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    It was more than I wanted..... I have done many transmission fluid changes since my youth working for Chevrolet... it was simple really... speed wrench on the bolts and doing it so the pan would flop down towards the catch basin after belting it with a rubber hammer..... Changing the filter in...
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    Oil pan bolt heat

    And yes..... I should have used a 6 point socket on it but reached for an el cheapo wrench instead and felt that dreaded feeling when pulling and it was NOT the bolt loosening...... and after this happened, the el cheapo set went into the garbage can....... I also have a gimmicky tool that...
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    Oil pan bolt heat

    I have already tried the vise grip but the metal seems so "soft" for some reason. I had a JD tractor that had a rather large oil drain bolt that also rounded to where a wrench or socket would not work but it was a pretty good sized, hefty bolt and we used a pipe wrench on it which worked quite...
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    Oil pan bolt heat

    Last month, I was going to change oil on my 2007 Chevy HHR.... It has a lot of miles on it... I have changed oil and worked on cars since 1968 so I am not a novice.... but I suspect that cars running for many more miles, I over time, that there are going to be more oil changes and the oil pan...
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    Amusing computer story for a select few.

    Everybody has their favorite platform..... Also, it was always fun to try to get the most out of a class C license..... we had our ways.... I suspect volume pricing is what my son used to install an operating system on several of my computers.... yes, I own too many computers.... My favorite OS...
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    Polar Vortex Coming

    Have you ever noticed that this is not really a newsworthy event..... until that polar vortex hits the east coast and/or Florida?
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    Spray Wax - What is the Point?

    I am REALLY old school.... I make my own spray wax..... I have found some decent liquid wax and put a small amount of it in a spray bottle with hot water and shake the heck out of it.... I now am a convert of the Nu Finish wax as well.... and now when I wash any of my vehicles, I dry them...
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    Car oil used as two cycle oil

    Wow.... thanks for all the advice..... I have to laugh.... I had a few vehicles I restored over the years that used non-detergent oil and stocked that oil..... Last summer I listed a whole bunch of automotive "stuff" from restoration projects going back to 1971.... stuff I would never ever use...
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    Car oil used as two cycle oil

    Hi.... I guess that is a possibility but the shroud is consistent with the rest of the machine.... pretty sad and just a project... It doesn't matter much though because I will use 32:1 two cycle in it.... It is interesting though... I never have seen regular motor oil used like this... I was...
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    Car oil used as two cycle oil

    Yes... cabin fever and boredom.... So I went on Craigslist and bought an old Toro 20" two cycle project snowblower for $10 to putts with. Yesterday I began stripping it down taking off the top and bottom shrouds etc.... And did a basic check of the engine..... the seller said he shot some gas...