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    Ceramic brake pads

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    Ceramic brake pads

    Glazing is caused by improperly bedded pads when new,stop and go driving to the point that you are almost riding your brakes in traffic,heavy towing etc.I use slotted rotors.I would use slotted and dimpled rotors but not cross-drilled (cracking around the holes and dirt packing due to mud seems...
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    Ceramic brake pads

    I have the exact vehicle with hawk ceramic pads.The hawk pads are not the issue,they work great,the rotors get glazed from stop and go use.Take them on a good highway run and stop hard.By the way have the same set-up on my other jeep and love 'em.I go off-roading with both Jeeps.Moose hunting...
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    2001 Jeep WJ with 4.0 engine

    1999 Cherokee 376,000km and a 01 TJ 275,000km both bought new always used HDEO no engine issues and still running strong !
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    206 MPH on frozen lake

    Just some fun winter stuff.
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    206 MPH on frozen lake

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    206 MPH on frozen lake

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    Nokian Hakkapellita R snow tires - reviews?

    You won't be disappointed.Put a set of Hakka's on my son's Cobalt last year and he drove home in snow that was 6-7 inches deep at least. I was getting the Jeep ready to go and pick him up from work,leaving his car at work,when he pulled up the driveway.My other son went to a sub-division ,that...
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    oil for 2001 Jeep GC 4.0

    My sig says it for me.
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    electrical problem on Jeep

    It's a bone stock 2001 Jeep Sahara.The rear passenger brake light won't come on.The indicator and running lights work fine,and the other center mounted and drivers side brake work fine, but no brake or 4 ways just on the passenger side.Cleaned the pin connector (which was green)and put in a new...
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    Napa Gold 7082 (by Wix)

    YA... I'm going to get the new cap also.My son's Cobalt has the same wavy filter media and I don't like it.
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    Need to replace struts.

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    Need to replace struts.

    You tube and I think Monroe has a video out on how to change em' out.Did my son's car with the Quick-Struts...easy as one two three!
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    Is Jeep still making good vehicles

    1999 Cherokee 348,000km.and 2001 TJ 245,000km both run great with basic up-keep (brakes,batteries,shocks,starters etc.)bought both new and still use them both for hunting/hauling no problem!
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    considering snow tires.

    Bought a 4 wheel set( HAKKA'S) for my son's Chev Cobalt last winter.He told me his ABS never activated once! He drove home from his part time job at a burger joint ,at night,in snow up to his spoiler with-out a hiccup.Very happy with these tires,especially for a 19 year old driver.He car pools...
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    considering snow tires.

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    Daylight Running Lights?

    I thought they were dumb when I first had them on my car up here in Canada,now if a car doesn't have them it seems dangerous (or it's an American).Simple.... if it's moving the lights are on!
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    XD-3 0W30 Discontinued?

    It was discontinued/converted last year by XOM to Delvac.Was using it for years in my Jeeps now using Rotella...too bad great oil...have the last couple of old stock jugs I'm going to use this winter.
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    SJ and SM - Rotella 0w40 and modern vehicles

    Since my Esso XD-3 has been stolen/discontinued from Mobil Exxon I switched to Rotella.I am using the 0W-40 in both my Jeep's as a winter oil and the T6 5w-40 in the summer.So far start-up is quick and noise free with the 0W and it's been cold a couple of mornings around here.Mind you both my...