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    2023 Spring Mobil Delvac™ Rebate Program

    I’m Having trouble logging in; says “account deactivate“. I tried the forgot password link and says same thing. I called them and talked to the rep for about 10 mins and she could not help me. Anyone else having problems?
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    Swollen lug nuts?

    Yes, I have a Ford with lugs that are “Chrome Capped“ or something… the are swelling and I’m trying to find replacements that are just 1 piece solid if anyone knows? 2015 Edge.
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    HDEO Rating and use in gas engine

    I Ran a Mercury EFI 60 4 stroke outboard on Delo Sde 15w-40 for around 50 Hours (several continuous runs at full throttle) and no problems so far other than some fuel dilution as expected on most outboards Noted from analysis. I would change oil after 50 hours and leave filter for 100 Hours.
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    Mercury 60hp 4 stroke outboard oil analysis.

    Please note that I did not indicate the grade/weight of oil on the report; It appears that Blackstone used an estimated flash point base to formulate fuel dilution number.
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    Mercury 60hp 4 stroke outboard oil analysis.

    I’ll try a Napa/ Wix test next time.. Had some Blackstone kits on hand that made it convenient to collect this sample. I do prefer the Format & Averages shown on Blackstone Report over other reports.
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    I need a Glideslope for my Garage

    How about a localizer?
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    Mercury 60hp 4 stroke outboard oil analysis.

    Most outboards suffer from fuel dilution especially during the first 200 hrs. I’ve seen new Yamaha‘s have oil climbing above dipstick full mark due to crankcase fuel. Excess idling and/ or slow break-in seem to be the likely cause. Additionally, these motors run cooler (around 140*F) making it...
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    Mercury 60hp 4 stroke outboard oil analysis.

    Sorry, Had to redo the attachment.. estimated time on engine is 70 hrs and oil was used for around 30hrs / 2 months; Mostly running at around 4000-5000 rpm with some slow idle mixed in. Engine is a 2011 and sat for several years before I picked her up. Oil is Delo SDE 15w-40 conventional.
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    Mercury 60hp 4 stroke outboard oil analysis.

    Oil was Delo 15w-40 with a Quicksilver oil filter.
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    I'm Noticing a Trend

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    Yamaha 5GH-13440-61

    This was on a Newish Yamaha F60 Outboard with 35 hrs on both engine and filter. Filter was incredibly over torqued to mount and was damaged during removal. Same filter installed with reasonable torque and filled 2 quarts of yamalube 5w-30.
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    Valentine Special

    Nice, Do they have a Christmas special?
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    I am so stupid #2

    I like turtles
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    Ethanol free fuel for multiple engines?

    Yes. All spark ignited internal combustion equipment (Gasoline engines) as you described, will run fine on Ethanol free gasoline. I encourage the use of E0 fuels and/or certain fuel treatments as I have personally seen many Carbs, Fuel hoses and tanks that have suffered a combination of...
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    Aircraft Tempest 48108-2

    Tempest was slightly less expensive and has the internal magnet. Although I read somewhere that the magnet may not be included in the future; apparently there is a shortage of magnets.
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    Aircraft Tempest 48108-2

    Mooney 231 28 Hours on this filter, approximately 1100 hrs SMOH. Oil in/out Aeroshell w100. Same filter installed. A minor amount of debris in filter, no shiny stuff, magnet has little scum on it, as usuall. Enjoy.
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    Mopar mo-285

    From a 2015 6.7 cummins Ram 2500 160k miles on truck. I was asked to perform oil change on truck and did so; while resetting the oil life moniter on dash the indicator said it was reset 2100 miles ago... New tires and brakes were installed 2100 miles ago, but no oil change on the invoice or...
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    Napa Gold 1358 Cut & Post

    Off a Fisher Panda generator w/ a Kubota Diesel. I'm not sure of hours but I'm guessing around 50 on filter, Oil was probably T4 15w-40. Refilled Genset with T4 and added a Kubota brand filter, Probably a denso made in China.
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    Anyone using their CarQuest oil stash?

    CQ 15w-40 in the 6.7 Cummins now. It was like $10 for a 2.5G jug. Seems to run great.