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    Fram titanium causing tap/knock on cold starts

    It might not be an oil filter problem, but how fast the oil pump is pressurizing the system. Could be a disintegrating oil pump gasket that seals the pump to the engine block. This will cause the oil pump to lose it's seal with the engine block causing air to be introduced into the pump and...
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    Which coolant brand still has old the green coolant for older vehicles?

    Which coolant brand still has the older green coolant for older vehicles?
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    Power steering fluid change out; frequency.

    Hello, How frequently should power steering fluid be changed out? Thanks.
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    Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in

    1968 Dodge Coronet 440. Bought new in 68, I acquired it in 79. Have it to this day. 345,000 miles on Castrol GTX conventional, 10w-40 and Purolator oil filter up until 93. Since 93 using Castrol GTX straight 40 and still using Purolator oil filter. Oil changed every 2000 miles...
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    What kind of grease is Ford ESB-M1C163-A

    This grease is used on the plastic bearings that are on the steering column shift tube. Is this a low temp lithium grease, bearing grease, molybdium grease,multipurpose grease,etc? Thanks.
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    Where to purchase Motorcraft FL-300 oil filters?

    Went to my local Autozone and Advance Auto Parts stores looking for the Motorcraft FL-300 oil filters. Looks like they don't stock them anymore. Where are they sold at now? Thanks.
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    Redline SL-1 fuel additive questions.

    How many gallons of gas is it good for? I was reading 100 to 150 gallons on this website; is that correct? If it treats that many gallons then one bottle in a 15 gallon tank would be too much. Also, how are the maintenance doses done? Just want to see how other people are using the Redline...
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    Chevron with Techron cleans better than other fuel

    I have been always using Hess or Victory fuels when filling up my 91 Crown Vic. Just recently did the fuel system cleaning with the Techron concentrate. I just did one treatment of that and started using the 87 octane Chevron/Techron gas. It's interesting that I noticed virtually no pinging...
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    How is the 3M fuel system cleaner?

    Has anyone used the 3M fuel system cleaner. Is it an effective cleaner? It's pressurized and you connect a line from the can to the shrader valve on the fuel rail. You run the engine from the pressurized can after you disable the fuel pump.
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    Where to buy Redline SL-1 fuel system cleaner .

    Where can the Redline fuel system/cleaner be bought at?
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    Can someone show antidrain back valve on Purolator

    With all the pics of dissected oil filters acn someone show a pick of the anti-drainback valve on the Purolator oil filters? Thank you.
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    Carbon cleaning with water...

    Years ago I rigged up a line going from the windshield washer jar filled with water to the carburetor on my 68' Dodge Coronet. As I would be driving the car down the road I would hit the button for the windshled washers, then water would inject down the carb and breakup the carbon. On my 91'...
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    Walmart oil, SF for vehicles 1988 and older; zinc

    Walmart has oil for cars 1988 . The API rating is SF. Does anyone know what the zinc concentration is on this oil? Thank you.