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    What MERV rating and width filter do you use

    MERV 13 Aprilaire. 16x25x4
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    Remember the Ice Cream man?

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    Remember the Ice Cream man?

    Yes he
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    Remember the Ice Cream man?

    Oh those summer days and the ice cream man. Saw a truck today and it took me back to the excitement of chasing the truck and picking the perfect treat. We lived in a townhouse complex growing up so there were many closely packed houses and lots of kids. How many saw the guy riding a bike with a...
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    how many of you keep your firearms locked up?

    It is a wise idea to keep guns secured. Not only for safety purposes but also to avoid theft. Many illegal guns were obtained thru thefts.
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    Coffee - Your Current Brew

    Half Caff usually Folgers or Maxwell House depending on what is on sale
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    Ever lost lug nuts while driving?

    When I plugged a tire last week I also rotated my tires. Was driving on the highway and noticed loud tire noises and vibration from the side of the car I put the plugged tire on. I thought maybe the tire was going flat. I ch checked and it was fine but I noticed a lug nut was missing. I got the...
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    Real-time exposure of the challenges of EV use

    Two thoughts come to mind: 1. We need better charging infrastructure which we all know we need. 2. They were stupid to give you a car not charged up.
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    Ever plugged a tire yourself?

    Yes he said that is what caused it. I will keep an eye on it for bulges in the sidewall.
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    Ever plugged a tire yourself?

    Plugged my first tire the other day using a Slime kit. Other then reaming the hole out which was a beast it wasn't bad. Discount wanted to sell me a tire instead of patching it because the side walls were scuffed up. How about you?
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    Why haven’t we seen many diesel PHEVs?

    I thought this for a long time. Small engine turning a generator to just charge battery for more range. Diesel with it's torque would turn generator easier. Maybe incorporate a large flywheel as well.
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    RIP Bob Barker

    Bob was the man!
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    Kitchen counter transmission rebuild

    Hopefully when you are done no parts are left over
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    Has anyone here owned just American vehicles or foreign vehicles?

    Over my decades of driving I have owned various American and Japanese cars. I just wonder if anyone here has actually stuck with just American cars or just foreign cars?
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    For an engine flush would you choose Liqui Moly or Lubegard engine flushes?

    I haven't used either so I have no opinion....😁
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    Selling things on Facebook.

    I have had great experiences selling and buying. Craigslist is basically dead.
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    Have you ever owned a convertible?

    Those are cute
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    Have you ever owned a convertible?

    Yes you can definitely smell things a lot better. And I like driving with a top down at Twilight to watch the bats flying around
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    Have you ever owned a convertible?

    I will count it if the tops off