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    Boy, this vid brings back memories.

    I can remember dad having a 50-something Pontiac, 57or 59 Dodge Coronet stationwagon (Black & yellow) with the push button tranny selector, 65 Dodge Coronet 440, and a 66 Impala. My first vehcile was a 1948 Dodge 3/4 truck. When I had save enough money bought a really well cared for 69 Ford F100...
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    What is a good interior glass cleaner?

    I have good results with Stoner's and a microfibre towel.
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    Is time alone enough to require oil change?

    I change my oil (amsoil) once a year. I average about 4000 kms on my small pickup. I do take my use oil and filter to Wal-Mart for recycling.
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    Take care oil nuts!

    Well I hope it is just to get away for abit. If you do leave, enjoy life and good karma to you.
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    Battery Question...

    Battery is most likely toast since it sulfated. You would need to check the specific gravity. If I store a vehicle over winter, I pull the battery and trickle charge it once a month to stop the sulfate action.
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    Electric Cars Stink

    Not trying to start a pi%#ing contest. Is that the correct battery for that car? Some alternators/voltage regulars don't like/design for AGM type batteries. Car was smart by sending a red light warning. On AGM type batteries, using an old style charger isn't recommeded since the charge rate...
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    What stops better on ice, wide or narrow tires?

    I don't think so (more so for liability). If the stud sticks out to far, it may wiggle coming loose and be ejected. Think it would be also be labor intense since the stud hole would be filled with small debris I read an article that a retractable stud tire is being developed think it was...
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    When is flushing really needed?

    Sounds like a good idea to just flush the rad. Think I'll start doing that. I use to just do a total flush every other year.
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    Three most useful gauges...

    Vacuum guage is also good I think.
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    Mobil 1 agrees with Dr. Haas

    In my opinion, sounds like the auto manufactor trying to get out of warranty work. This is just another reason why I like to use Amsoil...they warrant their product due to the oil causing the damage.
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    how long you typically keep your car

    I have a 94 Saturn (96,000 miles), 89 Nissan Coupe 323,000 km), 2000 Mazda (85,000 km) and a 97 F150 (120,000 km). Usually I'll keep a vehicle until the repair costs increase and are more frequent, or when no longer needed. The longest I kept a vehicle was a 92 Dodge 3/4 w/ 5.9L...
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    Question - want to put sticker to my car

    I would agree to place it on glass.
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    Where to recycle old coolant?

    ooops...Oil and coolant. I think Wal-Mart reuses the coolant after they add a kit to it.
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    Where to recycle old coolant?

    I bring my old oilto Wal-Mart.
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    Amsoil Coolant...??

    I agree totally flush out system...don't mix coolants. I have Amsoil coolant in 2 of my vehicles.
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    Manual Brake Flush Question

    I just have the shop bleed the ABS after I replace pads. Some vehicles need a scan tool to open valves etc.. I figure have them replace the fluids, heck they let me watch the process.
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    What oil/oils have made your engine more quiet?

    Amsoil sso in my Ford F150 seems to quiet it down.
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    Need more advice. Still hesitant to go to syn.

    You'll never look back. I have syn. in all of my vehicles.