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    What do you use on your black plastic trim?

    I've recently noticed my black trim (it runs all the way around the bottom of my vehicle, wheel wells included), is starting to get this ugly, white, chalky look. I've always washed the trim along with the rest of the vehicle, then applied Collinite 845 and that would keep it looking nice. About...
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    How to determine if check valve or no check valve

    I had my CX-9 into the Mazda service center for some maintenance, and one of the service techs asked my if the oil filter that's on the vehicle now (a Wix 57002 which I installed myself) has a check valve in it. He said the OEM filter has one, which he said is required by Mazda. He said if it...
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    What's your favorite wheel cleaner?

    I haven't used a wheel cleaning solution for years. I have just been cleaning my wheels with a wash mitt and car wash solution. The wheels I have on a vehicle now would be easier to clean using a good spray-on solution and my pressure washer. Years ago when I was still using a wheel cleaner, I...
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    Question for those of you who stream TV

    I have noticed while doing a search for a movie on Netflix for example, the movie will be offered to rent or buy. If I buy a movie, I assume this means I can watch it whenever, and as many times as I want. My question is, how do I access it once I buy it? Does it go into some folder than then...
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    Any other CX-9 owners here?

    I've gotta say, two weeks into the ownership of this vehicle, I'm loving it more and more every time I drive it. It's an absolute joy to drive. It rides nice, it's quiet, has plenty of power, especially low end grunt, has plenty of interior space, and the build quality seems impeccable. The dash...
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    TW Seal & Shine

    I was excited about trying this product after I saw that so many people in this forum rant and rave about it. I'm glad it was only $8. I applied it to a section of the hood, and no amount of wiping or buffing would get rid of the blotchy look it left. I grabbed my trusty bottle of Collinite 845...
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    Can someone explain... to post pics from my phone on the forum? Thanks.
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    Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-5?

    I've narrowed my search down to these two. Both are nice, and both have their drawbacks. My wife and I drove a 2016 CR-V yesterday. It had the 2.4 liter engine and it was a dog. 0-60 seemed like it took about 30 minutes. We don't need Dodge SRT acceleration, but come on, the thing at least needs...
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    VIN character that designates engine

    Is there a particular character of the VIN for a Honda CR-V that designates whether it's equipped with a 1.5 liter turbo, or a 2.4 liter? I'm looking through for sale ads and they don't always indicate which engine it has, and it would be much easier if I could just tell by looking at the VIN...
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    I'm finally retired!

    For the second and final time (my Air Force retirement was the first one), I'm finally retired for good! It feels good knowing I can be a full time husband, dad, and grampa now and not have to be pulled away from my family for work! It's been a long time coming, but I am going to enjoy the...
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    Does anyone know the purpose of the Reg D limit?

    I received an email notice from my credit union stating that the Reg D limit has been temporarily removed to give people easier access to their money. I could never figure out the purpose of this reg. For those who don't know what this is, it's a law that restricts the number of withdrawals you...
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    Any Air Force vets here that were stationed at Grand Forks?

    I was stationed there from '82 to '94 and the base used to have these open house events during the summer that were called Friends and Neighbors Day. These events usually took place over an entire weekend and they allowed the general public to walk around the flight line to view aircraft and...
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    Anyone seen any 0% financing offered on used vehicles?

    I have noticed lots of different financing options offered during this economic shut down, but as far as I know, they're only for new vehicles. Has anyone seen 0% financing offered on used vehicles? If not, what's the lowest interest rates you've seen?
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    What happened to my topic?

    Not more than an hour ago I posted a topic about how suppliers are struggling to meet consumer demand for high volume products needed during this pandemic. There was nothing about the thread that was in violation of any of the forum rules, but it has been deleted. I don't understand why.
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    Who is buying vehicles?

    I figured with the lock down in place, and millions of people out of work, I thought I'd see the bottom drop out on vehicle prices, but it hasn't. What is keeping prices up?
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    Horrible screeching coming from surpantine belt area

    Last weekend I made a quick trip to the store, less than a mile away. When I pulled into the parking lot this loud, ear piercing screeching sound started coming out from under the hood. I opened the hood while the engine was still running and could hear the sound coming from one of the...
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    Question about Apple TV

    My ATV is acting up...again...(or at least I'm blaming it on the ATV based on its history). Mine has the voice control on the remote. The voice control works on everything except You Tube. When I try to use on YT, it just puts the following message on the screen "sorry I can't help you find that...
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    What's with black interior?

    Seems like almost all of the vehicles I've looked at lately have a black interior. Why is this color so popular? You open the door in the summer time after it's been sitting in a parking lot and it feels like you've opened the incinerator door. You can't leave anything in the vehicle because it...
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    Any dark siders here?

    Just curious if any of you are running one on your bike, and if so, how do you like it?
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    Why are 20" and 21" tires so much more $$$ than 17-18" tires?

    I don't get it. There isn't more rubber on the larger diameter wheel size tires, in fact there's less rubber because they have shorter sidewalls. Is it more costly to manufacture tires with a larger diameter hole in the middle? Makes no sense...