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    Mobil 1 Truck and Suv

    I just bought two 5 qt jugs for $27 and the $12 rebates One Farm and Fleet and the other Walmart. Replacing 0w40 M1 in my Hyundai 2L turbo. and John Deere F510 mower. Hyundai has fuel dilution issues was why I went to 0w40. But it is not driving hard much anymore.
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    Best new 12v battery for J.D. D130 ? Original battery GY20982 ( CCA : 195 ) is 6 years old and getting weak starts

    I went to AGM batteries after when the OE one failed on me after 5 years. 1999 John Deere F510 and the first AGM was an Odyssey PC625 or so. It lasted 15 years and I just replaced it a couple years ago with one from eBay and local (Joliet IL) Power Star also called a PC 625 and half the price...
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    I submitted an online order from Walmart for a 5 qt jug delivered today. Took 4 minutes to get approved. For online ordering you need proof of order and delivery. I wish they didn't use credit cards for the rebate payment. Hard to use them up all the way.
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    I got a rebate from Farm and Fleet. The credit card sucks. I ended up using it at Rock Auto where they let you use different forms of payment on a single sale. Going to try a Walmart receipt next.
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    What is this?

    There is a local guy selling this on FB and was wondering what it is?
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    Keto Diet with Intermittent Fasting

    Reporting in after a year. Since my peak weight of around 300 lbs I've lost 100 and have been 195-199 for two months now. So the weight has stabilized. If I wanted to lose more then I know where to cut but am happy where I am. Blood sugar is normal and my 30 day avg is 98. It is dropping...
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    Did I Damage my Dehumidifier?

    Stick a 5k btu in the basment and hook it to a drain. A great big dehumidifier.
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    Did I Damage my Dehumidifier?

    Just need to heat the basement up or insulate the walls.
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    Did I Damage my Dehumidifier?

    If you are running AC and need a dehumidifier then the AC must be cycling too much because it's too big for the air space. Or the water is not being removed somehow. The dehumidifier will add heat too. My house floods on occasion and the crawl space gets full of water. Takes about 6-9 months...
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    torque diff fill and drain bolts? or good and tight is good enough?

    Depends if it use a washer or if it''s a tapered plug. Plugs with washers should NOT be over tightened or they are extremely difficult to break loose.
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    Best hose clamp

    I've found the OE clamps over time will need replaced. And I just use an all stainless worm clamp. Yes they need tweaked once a year maybe. But if you use this stuff it will seal it up good...
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    I need the best penetrating oil

    I've used wax before on turbo manifold bolts. A 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF works good too.
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    Duh-- Didn't know there was a SIM card.

    I use Consumer Cellular and they use either AT&T or T Mobile. I use ATT on my phone and T Mobile for a hotspot home internet access. But you can get either SIM and then call CC to have it activated. It takes a while if you do it twice. I think they drag as they want at least 30 days on a...
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    Spots in the driveway

    My Hyundai Accent high pressure line rusted away. It was fun to change as it ran along the top of the steering rack. Cheap part. No leak just a catastrophic sudden failure though.
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    Hedge trimmer

    I gust got a hedge trimmer attachment for my Green Works 40v MAX 8" pole saw. I love it. the 8" chain saw is great too and I use it all the time. The 2AH battery last as long as the chain oil does so that's a good match, about an hour of use. Two or three hours to recharge. They have a...
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    Ever Disconnect Your Battery as Maintenance

    I do it all the time. Good grief. Most of the time it is to unlearn what it's learned.
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    Blow out a well

    1" plastic. Standard around here. I would not doubt the foot valve is 25' or so vertically deep. Pump is in the crawl space.
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    Blow out a well

    Yes, it's a 4" 125' casing with a shallow well pump. 54' horizontal until I hit what I believe to be the well head. I do not know really how deep the foot valve is. I can set my metal detector to find iron about 4' down when I calibrate it to the wire in the sidewalk. And it's going off in...
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    Blow out a well

    The well is 125' or so and in sand. Good supply. There is a neighbor drilling a new well next door so I'm going to check them out to see what they say.
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    Blow out a well

    My well has a supply problem with any large demand. It's not water level. 60 years old. I assume it needs blown out. Blowing out a well as I understand it you pump air down and then suddenly release it spew all the crap out and pushing the aggregate away from the point, is this correct? So...