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    Motorcraft FL-820S, ~9000 miles

    This filter came off my Expedition. I have about 107K miles on it. Always run M1 of some kind, currently M1 5W-20 Truck & SUV. I normally change right at 7500 miles, but we took a road trip this month and I pushed about 1500 miles past that. The ADBV still worked great. Despite having left it...
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    1992 Acura NSX, Red Line 10W-30, ~1400 miles/1 year

    As the title says, the car is a 1992 Acura NSX running Red Line 10W-30; the oil has about 1400 miles on it and was changed just at the one year mark. Nothing too exciting to see. I am sad that I drove the car so little in the last year. This was mostly city driving with days at the track...
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    Variable duration camshaft system

    This is pretty neat: <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div> Lots of oil passages in that setup!
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    Red Line 10W-30, 1992 Acura NSX, 11mo/4683mi

    Sample out of my '92 NSX. This one is fun as it is was in there for a almost year. That time includes 13 track days and a drive to/from Houston to Road America (Wisconsin). Pretty solid results, I think. Will have to watch the lead. Kinda interesting to see antimony in there. <a...
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    15400-PL2-505 cut open

    This came off my NSX. 4700 miles, just under a year in service. Looks good to me. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src=""...
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    SAE 10 oil for a 6x6

    Looking at random vehicles on the internet tonight. I thought this was interesting: <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <a...
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    Red Line 10W-30

    <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    Red Line 10W-30, 1992 Acura NSX, 3 months

    This comes out of my 1992 Acura NSX. Motor has about 110K miles on it and doesn't use a bit of oil. This oil has about three months on it and about seven track days. The engine got hot a few times: one day on track a coolant line blew, I drove it about half a lap, slowly, before I figured out...
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    I got tired of worrying about dropping my cars off jack stands and wanted a better way to get them up in the air. A few friends have QuickJacks and like them, so I picked one up for myself. Putting it together was simple enough. I had it assembled and a car in the air in a few hours, working...
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    Cut Open: Beck/Arnley(?) 8072

    This was on my NSX when I bought it. I think it's a Beck/Arnley filter. Unknown miles. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt=""...
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    Cut Open: FL820S

    I've run my Expedition another 7500 miles, so the oil has been changed. Pulled this FL820S off of it and cut it open. Oil was Mobil 1 AFE 0W-20. Album link here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <img src=""...
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    Which oil would you use?

    I almost hate to be posting one of these threads, but what the heck. I recently bought a '92 NSX. It's a lot of fun on the track. I'm currently running M1 0W-40 in it as I've run that in every other track car I've owned (and most non-track cars, too) and it's "just worked". This weekend I was...
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    NSX @ Texas World Speedway

    I recently bought a '92 NSX, so of course, I had to get it out on track. Let me just say that it was an amazing experience. I could not smile enough. I know it's been said over and over, but what a great handling car; it just begs to be driven hard. I'm running M1 0W-40 in it, FWIW. <img...
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    isobutanol blend gasoline

    "Gevo, Inc. announced that a 12.5% blend of its bio-isobutanol with gasoline marketed for use in automobiles has begun to be sold in the Houston area. This marks the first time that Gevo’s isobutanol has been specifically targeted towards on-road vehicles." <a...
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    Honda 15400-PCX-004 (S2000)

    This is a Honda 15400-PCX-004, which is a filter specific to the S2000. This one has about 3000 miles on it. Seems to be a high quality filter. FWIW, Honda says to change it every other OC and the recommended OCI is 7500 miles, so they consider it a 15K mile filter! <a class="lb-image-link"...
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    TLS certificate revoked

    Hello, The certificate that was used to sign the <a href="" target="_blank"></a> certificate has been revoked. This causes the latest version of Chrome (beta) to reject the connection. A new certificate should be generated using a valid...
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    Hudson Hornet engine sticker

    I thought the oil selection info on here was interesting: <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[1883857f7082987f8b]" href="" title=""><img...
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    Motorcraft FL-820S opened up, looks great

    All the talk about the quality of MC filters had me paranoid, so I cut open the last FL-820S that I took off my 2012 Expedition. It was run for about 7500 miles with M1 AFE 0W-20 oil. I used the standard Longacre tool to open it up. I think it looks great: no holes and no brittleness. I feel...
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    S2000 valvetrain at 184K miles

    2001 Honda S2000. I've owned the car for about 3000 miles. Pulled the valve cover off to check valve adjustment, check retainers, replace all the gaskets, replace the PCV valve, etc. Valves were all spot on, so that's nice. I was also able to put a camera down the spark plug holes to inspect the...
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    How often should I change oil in a "race car"?

    I have a 1999 Miata that I use as my track car. It's street legal, with a stock motor and the usual modifications (intake/header/exhaust). I've been running M1 0W-40 and recently moved to Red Line 0W-30. A typical weekend will have me putting, say, 200 to 250 miles on the car. If it were one of...