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    Door Latch Lube / Grease Compatible with Plastic Parts

    Hi! I have a 2006 Honda Accord and will be removing the door latch to replace the lock actuator. Any suggestions for maintenance lube / grease for the exposed portion of the latch -and- the 'inside-the-door' mechanisms? There are various mental & plastic / Nylon parts - what grease to use or...
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    Honda V6 PCV Valve - Steel Bolt

    Honda Accord V6 - 2006, 95K miles, purchased new, Mobil 1 since new on 6-mo OCI, Climate: TN, mostly in-town driving. Changing the PCV valve for the first time in 14 years. I have it apart and all looks very clean inside the manifold. Old PCV valve was coated in thin film of oil, no grit or...
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    Toilet Leak Question

    I have 2 American Standard toilets, both over 25 years old. I maintain them myself, and have been successful replacing every component & gasket over those years. Rather cold, high-clorine city water is not friendly to the internals, so maintenance is to be expected. However, I recently have a...
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    Nashville visit - things to see in Spring?

    Planning a family reunion weekend in Nashville this Spring. Don’t live there - it is centrally located so everyone travels about the same distance... Internet searches have good ideas - looking for suggestions on “must see” vs “skip it”. All adults, but not into bars and super loud music... Thanks!
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    Old Ratchet

    I have a Craftsman 3/8 Ratchet that I bought in 1972. Nothing special / well cared for / occasional use / sentimental value exceeds actual value. The internals are getting draggy / sticky on direction selection and it even drags a lot in the 'free' direction (either way). It appears I can...
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    2018 Highlander V6

    Thinking about a 2018 Highlander V6. Would appreciate your thoughts. Replacing 2000 Odyssey that I bought new & still running well at 190K miles. Also have 2006 Accord V6 with 90K (no VCM). Some Points: -> Plan on long-term ownership > 10 years. -> Impressed by Toyota D-4S V6 engine with Port...
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    Preferred DVD Format for Data Backup?

    Is there a preferred DVD Format for Data Backup? I am only interested in data backup on a one-time recordable, 4.7G DVD, so my options are DVD-R or DVD+R. I need to buy a new spindle of blanks, and I observe that both formats seem to be equally available, cost the same, hold the same amount of...
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    Some Aruba photos from our trip

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    Babbitt Bearings / "Bucket" Lube on old engines

    I have searched this site and don't find any info or references on an old car engine lubrication design practice that I recently heard about. A friend told me that before pressurized oil crankshaft bearings were used in cars (1940's?) that Babbitt bearings were used and were lubricated with...
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    New M1 GF-4 / SM 5W-30 is free revving

    I have 3 cars: '97 Toyota Camry 4-Cyl '00 Honda Odyssey VTEC V6 '03 Honda Civic VTEC 4-Cyl When I changed from Dino to M1 5W-30 in Jun-2004 I noticed that all of them did not rev as freely. Several others on BITOG commented on having the same experience. I am not a racer, just a middle-aged...
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    Found SM, GF-4 M1 at Wal-Mart Today!

    It was available in the 5qt jugs only, and mixed with the existing old stock. I use 5W-30 in all 3 of my cars, and the total needed is 13 qts, so I got 3 jugs - all of the same lot number, of course! Cost $19.82 for each jug, the same price that Wal-Mart dropped the 5qt jugs to last April. I...
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    Gas Engine PCMO Oil Color Question

    Many have stated on this board that oil color doesn't matter - that oil that has turned black is just doing its job and is not an indicator of oil wear. I accept this to a point. However, turning this around, I wonder if anyone has had an experience where the oil has NOT changed color but it...
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    '99 Taurus - any oil-related issues / oil advice?

    My sister bought a '99 Taurus with 43K miles from an elderly person. I have not seen the car yet (she lives 500 miles from me), but I was wondering if any of you know of any oil-related issues or have any oil advice for this particular model? My sister is a 70-mile daily driver, >90% highway...
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    What is the "green elixer of life"?

    A quote from pscholte, "for the record, it is not actually watery; it is a delightfully robust yet lubricitous and free-flowing nectar-like consistency whose parallel can only be found in the goblets on Mount Olympus!" I have been rather busy lately, but I have seen various references to the...
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    Camry Radiator Plugging Up! What about this Plan?

    I have a '97 Camry 4-Cyl with 66K miles. I bought it new. The coolant was changed by the dealer 3 years ago and he chose to use Texaco green - he said that they were trying to get away from Toyota Red but would not give me the reason. 1 year ago, when the engine was stone cold, I took off the...
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    Dino to M1 --> Now revs less freely?

    I have completed the switchover from Dino to M1 on my Toyota and 2 Hondas. The most recent switch was made this week on my new Civic at 4K miles - its first oil change. All of the engines ran great before and they are noticably quieter now - this is great! However, I feel that they do not rev...
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    Too Much "TBN"?

    I have seen various comments about making sure that the TBN level is >2 and how the oil is OK "until the TBN is used up". It is possible that in their zeal to control acids for long OCI that some suppliers formulate their oils too basic? If so, then would it be true that new oil would not be...
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    Tire Sidewall Treatments

    Here is some info that I find rather surprising: --> My e-mail to Michelin 01-Jul-2004 <-- I just had my tires rotated and in talking with my tire dealer, he mentioned that Michelin has a rather strong position against tire sidewall treatments, especially Armor-All. However, he did say that...
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    When do I Achieve "Member" Status?

    I really like this site! I wonder when "Junior Members", like me, become "Members" ? Thanks, SWS
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    My Only Father’s Day Gift Idea

    My Only Father’s Day Gift Idea A poem by SWS... Save time, energy, and Stress, Do something nice for SWS! A quart of M1 costs only Four Seventy Seven, But to me its worth Eleven Eleventy Eleven! Buy as few -or- as many as you Like, But to Wal-Mart you must Hike! I know this sounds Hard, But...