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    Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal From Car

    I worked for a hotel for years and we occasionally had people smoke on the rooms or were heavy smokers and left a smell. We had an ozone machine that you had to leave on for 24 hours to work.
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    How to find exhaust leak?

    So I've been trying to track down the exhaust smell coming into the cabin of my 2005 Dodge Neon when not moving. Yesterday after a long drive i let it idle popped the hood and could smell exhaust at the back of the engine, not sure if it's a leak in the exhaust manifold or the pipe that...
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    Tundra died while going down the road.....

    Or fuel pump? I've seen those just randomly stop working with no warning.
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    Tundra died while going down the road.....

    Did you check crank position sensor?
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    Honda timing belts........

    That looks like a BBK Audi S4 motor. The timing chain guides are plastic and will fail if not replaced with metal ones.
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    New trick with rustproofing coatings

    Interesting. Mint seems to repel bugs as well, nice that humans like it but animals seem to not like it.
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    Key fobs both quit working on the grand caravan

    My parents have the same type of van. The contacts in the fob come loose and short out. My parents van randomly opens the back door etc.
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    Casual Walking Shoes

    I've heard the rockports are hard to beat. I've been looking for a pair as the Dr. Scholl's I purchased recently have very little roll and Walk a little flat.
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    Any Others Start Off At A Gas Station?

    I owned my own mowing business for a couple of years as my first job. I don't think many places now could or would hire a 14 to 15 year old.
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    Creative uses for spare SLA batteries

    Hope this link helps, 6v battery uses
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    Does this mechanic have a clue?

    Are hondas really that finicky now? I went 246k miles on my geo prizm without valve adjustments
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    Duh moments while wrenching on vehicles

    I was working for a racecar builder, repair, and maintenance company years ago. I drained the rear diff and forgot to replace the diff bolt. Thankfully my co-worker caught the issue before i dumped 4 quarts of $8 a quart fluid.
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    Shooting Range in Basement

    Here is a list of must haves for an indoor shooting range. Indoor shooting range
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    Need a midsize SUV. 2021 Grand Cherokee, Blazer - or wait for 2022?

    The next gen Cherokee is supposed to be based off of a Alfa Romeo platform. Not sure how reliable it will be.
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    Will new Land Rover Defender hold its value?

    I'm shocked that TFL is having so many issues with the new defender. Maybe they got a lemon. They are a really cool bunch, as I interviewed for an internship with them.
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    Lets talk about Bourbon

    Eagle Rare is great for the price point. Being from Kentucky originally Bourbon is best from there. Living in Colorado now so many start-up "Colorado Bourbon " makers around just aren't the same
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    Water Spot Removal

    I'd use Stoners water spot remover before wheel cleaner. Some windows have uv coatings and high acidity can damage them.
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    WWYD - Customer won't pay for tranny swap

    Contact a lawyer, go gro. There
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    Anyone used Peddle to sell a car? (Or have suggestions)

    Your local junkyard is offering $240 wow around the Denver metro area you'd be lucky to get $80
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    How to clean oily film off windshield?

    Use invisible glass glass scrub. Its a thick liquid that rmoves oily grime, dirt. Chemicals and build-up on windshields.