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    Basic used pickup?

    Its so easy to go down a rabbit hole just looking at used trucks from the past 10 years.. so to simplify. Basic- 1/2 Ton, Non Turbo, Easy to maintain, Low rust issues, Good MPG, tows easily, and interstate trips are comfy. No timing belt service would be great. Non DI, Non AFM or anything...
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    2002 Sequoia (may buy one).

    2002 Toyota Sequoia popped up on my radar this morning locally. They are asking $3K obo. 255K miles. Have seen lots of reports of 400K+ easily doable. As far as i can tell i need to look at the frame really good, and try to see if/when timing belt was done. Other issues i have read...
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    Diesel Vehicle Causes Fire in Cali..

    The Apple fire in mountains east of Los Angeles that has forced thousands of people from their homes was sparked by a malfunctioning diesel vehicle, fire officials said Monday. The vehicle spewed burning carbon from its exhaust system, igniting several fires Friday and authorities were asking...
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    Amazon/FedEX issues

    1)My car needs a part. I decided to save $50 from brick and mortar.. and decided not to drive to local dealership.. so i buy an OEM part from Amazon. 2)Order placed- tracked it daily.. looked like all was going well. (4 days from order to Out for Delivery). 3) Tracked order that evening said...
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    2005-2012 Ford 2.5 and 3.0 issues

    I own a 2012 Ford Fusion with 50K miles.. i feel as if i did my homework but i missed something. Was driving today and the check engine light came on and the wrench.. lost alot of power..shifted funny.. wrench went off..gained power back. Wrench came back on...repeat. Scanned when i got...
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    Growing Blackberries and Mulberries

    My farm used to have lots of blackberries when i was young, and a neighbor had quarter sized blackberries. I have walked my property and now all i have is wild raspberries. Not sure if a blight or the deer got all the blackberries. So i am starting to grow Triple Crown and PrimeArk...
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    Gatormade Trailers

    I looked and did not find any threads on utility trailer brands.. i am in the market so perhaps this will help someone else down the road as well. Focus is on ball hitch small trailers- 5X 6X 10s, 12s etc. In my area I have two choices.. big box store versus independent trailer...
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    Local Business Model

    In my nearest small town there was a Pennzoil Oil Change business that was in a perfect location. I have driven past there for 5 years and it was always nearly dead.. rarely would i see a car in one of its 3 bays. It was nice and clean and easy access.. but i always wondered if its seemed to...
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    Stereo Amplifier and Ohms question.

    This question is for my Polaris RZR stereo. I have just blown my 2nd Subwoofer amp, was not installed by me.. My RZR has 4 separate speaker boxes 1) Overhead 2) 10 inch Sub 3) Two 8 inch Subs The Overhead has a head unit and a 4 channel amp powering the overhead speakers, A line out that...
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    Rotella Gas Truck 540 Rat

    After watching Project Farms video I remembered 540 Rat does his own testing.. 75. 5W30 Shell Rotella Gas Truck motor oil, synthetic, API SN Plus, GM dexos1-Gen 2 = 96,269 psi This oil was tested Spring 2019. As you can see, the new Shell Rotella Gas Truck oil provides MUCH HIGHER wear...
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    Moms Car needs Tires..

    2008 Honda Accord LX 215/60/16 52000 miles. Car is driven maybe 500 miles a year.. if that. Will be due for state inspection in March. Tires currently on the car are Goodyear Viva 2 with a 2014 date code. Tires are dry rotted around the bead area and are starting to lose air and trip...
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    Mississippi Pot Roast

    Came upon this recipe today and its currently in the oven.. never heard of it before but it sure sounds good. <a href=""...
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    Question on 3 motorcycle oils

    If a person had a new or newer motorcyle/UTV/powersport and had to pick between 3 of the most common full syn oils off the shelf.. Mobil 1 4T- API SN Castrol Power1- API SL Valvoline 4 Stroke Syn- API SJ Do API ratings not matter to modern 4 strokes..with fuel injection, catalytic...
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    Brake Pad Unboxing and Review

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    StopRite Brake Pads

    My buddy needs pads for his GMT800 and i do most of his work for him.. he is looking at StopRite pads from NAPA.. never heard of them or seen them.. They are cheap $28/set so im skeptical for him. Not sure if they are Ceramic. Part number is SR SR785 on napaonline thoughts?
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    Citgo Supergard Syn Blend

    What are the thoughts on Citgo Supergard Synblend 5w30? Its $8.91/ 5qts at my Rural King.
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    Two Electric Outdoor Power Equipment reviews

    After a few weeks of use I am happy with my two latest Electric OPE purchases. 1) Ryobi RY14122 - Electric Pressure Washer- I use it once or twice a week to remove mud from my sidebyside after a weekend of riding and also wash my vehicles. I have probably logged 10 hours on it so far...
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    New Valvoline Motorcycle oils

    Or at least new to me.. 4T 10w50 <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>en-mea/<wbr>our-products/<wbr>motorcycle-oil/<wbr>synpower-4t-motorcycle-oil</a> Champ 4T 20w50 <a...
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    FRAM XG7317 question..

    Currently using a FRAM XG7317 on my 2019 RZR Turbo. I did my first oil change at 100 miles and added the XG7317 and planned on leaving it on for 500 miles at least. I dropped the oil today at 250 miles and noticed a golden sheen on the bottom of my oil drain pan.. many many billions of...
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    Do you trust website or label?

    This is oil related. Super Tech Full-syn 75w90 (is almost too good to be true).. For $5.86/qt you get this.. according to <a href=""...