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    What is this?

    There is a local guy selling this on FB and was wondering what it is?
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    Blow out a well

    My well has a supply problem with any large demand. It's not water level. 60 years old. I assume it needs blown out. Blowing out a well as I understand it you pump air down and then suddenly release it spew all the crap out and pushing the aggregate away from the point, is this correct? So...
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    External cell phone antennas

    Who knows about external cell phone antennas. Currently using TMobile B12ac band or ~700 MHz. I have a Netgrear NightHawk MR1100 M1 wifi Internet router as the main device. It has two antenna inputs and two more hidden as I understand it. I have a single antenna that is for Verizon that is...
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    Pressure washer adjustable nozzle

    I have an old Craftsman pressure washer. It works OK but I have not used it much over the years. Using it now to wash the house prior to painting. But I cannot get the adjustable nozzle to slide forward so it is in low flow mode for cleaning solutions. It has an internal clip that secures it...
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    Vacuum bleeding

    I have a hand vacuum pump and tried to vacuum bleed the brakes on my Accent. But all it does is suck air though the threads of the bleeder screw. It can make over 25" Hg of vacuum. I tried grease, thread sealant, oil and they all let air in. Help me out.
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    Beware of tampering

    I buy my oil at WalMart 0w40 Mobil 1 and usually have a gallon on hand plus a little. Went to open the new gallon I had and it already had the seal broken, some oil discoloration on the outside of the container near the cap. And no foil seal. I though maybe I had opened it and not used it and...
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    Timing chain

    Car is 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2L turbo, interference DOHC 4 cylinder engine. So at 97k my timing chain is worn enough that there is a half inch deflection at midpoint between the cams. Got all new OE parts for the timing chain and the oil pump chain. There is an improved chain part but you...
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    PS leak, I cut the belt

    I had a steel line on the high pressure side rust out on my '08 Accent. I ordered a new line and it doesn't look to be impossible to change it though you never know. Would like to have a two day period to change. But in the mean time I am driving with the belt cut off the pump. It's really...
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    Tie Rod end LINKs

    Talking about the rod between the steering rack and the tie rod ends. How much angle from 0 degrees (straight out) can you go and what are the ill effects if any? In my case it would be a forward angle if it makes a difference.
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    Need new color printer

    Time for a new color printer. Currently have an Epson NX420 inkjet. But the color cartridges is a a problem due to infrequent use. Usually used for B&W label printing but would like a color option. What is particularly aggravating is all the cartridges need to have ink to be able to print...
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    26 years and the grage door opener

    Finally stripped. Good run for a Genie screw drive. $14 for the new part and a 5 minute easy no tool install time.
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    I need a better antenna

    My Genesis Coupe has a back window grid type antenna. It is the worst I've ever had. And the AM is almost unlistenable. Full of static and weak. There is a built in factory amplifier that is working. I've switched radios thinking it was an OE radio problem but it's not much better. I've...
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    How to make asphalt, take 2

    They are going to chip my road again and I see Menards has the asphalt foundation sealer on sale at $8 off per 4.75 gallon pail. 5 pails should do me. I swept the loose gravel off for use later. The base is gravel and some remaining asphalt on top of that, though it's spotty. Going to coat...
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    Cleaning a cat. Or how to fix a P0420 code?

    I've been getting the P0420 code on my Hyundai Accent(159k miles) it comes and goes on it's own, especially after some hard driving where the check engine light will go out. So I've decided to try and clean the cat. I monitor the O2 voltage and you can see it does not work like a new one as it...
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    The gas I'm buying is over 5 months old.....

    I've been getting my 93 octane and a Mom and Pop no name (use to be Phillips66) gas station. They only raise the price when they get a new load. The last price change was mid November of 2017. The price is $2.89 and cheaper than some regulars around. No problems with using it though and my...
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    QuickBooks Pro

    I've been using QB Pro for the last seven years but do not have enough business to make buying a new license every three years worthwhile. I have a few items I would like to keep using, customer list, inventory, expense and income categories, etc that I would like to keep and use elsewhere...
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    Fram Ultra restict flow?

    On my Genesis Coupe 2L turbo I am using Mobil 1 0w40 and a Fram XG3593A filter. That filter is just a bit bigger than the Fram XG9688 which is the recommended filter. I have about 12k miles on the filter, second oil change for it. I don't usually drive the car in the extreme cold but did last...
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    Intel processor bug

    Says any Intel processors made in the last decade is vulnerable. <span style="font-weight: bold">Python Sweetness</span> <a href="" target="_blank">The mysterious case of the Linux Page Table...
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    Want a hotter t-stat

    My Hyundais run too cool in the winter when below 0F. Both have new t-stats and run as they are designed. But the Accent will pull more heat out of the engine than it can produce with a 180F t-stat. I have the radiator half way blocked off and that did not seem to do much at all. I've looked...
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    Firewall, Box or Software?

    So what is better for a firewall, a hard box or software? Currently use a Verizon JetPack for the wifi internet fed into a Netgear router as a client. Have the desktop connected through an Ethernet cord and the laptops through wifi of the Netgear.