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    Drain plug advice

    I am going to drop the trans pan and change the fluid in my 2010 Wrangler Sport. When I have it off I would like to add a drain plug for future maintenance, does anyone have a recommendation on a reliable one to install and is ther a specific area of the pan thats best suited ?
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    Baldwin fuel filter for Duramax

    Does anyone have any data on the new Baldwin numbers for the Duramax fuel filters ? I have one more of the BF7--- filters left from an old stash and I noticed that Baldwin has upgraded the filter since then. The first change was to the BF9882 and now it shows a BF46062. Does anyone have any...
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    Wrangler JK manual trans fluid

    My nephew has a 2012 Wrangler JK with the manual trans. He was looking for a recommendation for a fluid replacement. Royal purple and Mopar both have a syn fluid that lists for his application but they are both in the $20 per quart range. The trans is fussy on certain shifts (which I am told is...