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    Oil in HOT climate and blending

    Unless you are trying to start your car in -40F Winter or you have a cooling system problem, your engine doesn't care what outside temperature you run your car in. It has a thermostatically controlled system that can operate in the 190F to 220F range. The answer is you can use the 5w-20, 5w-30...
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    Tire Width vs Rim Width

    Narrow rim. The width of the tread should be approximately the same width as the rim (old school technology).
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    Tire Width vs Rim Width

    Narrow tires for snow. Wide tires (flotation) for sand. Don't want flotation in snow.
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    PQIA: API SP/ILSAC GF-6A is Here!

    I was referring to the poster that mentioned Noak, not approvals.
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    PQIA: API SP/ILSAC GF-6A is Here!

    It's just another point of comparison. Manufacturers don't want you making comparisons. They want you to read the marketing.
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    Viscosity @ 100°C

    M1 HM 5w-30 is HTHS 3.1 (same as non-HM) but my data might be outdated.
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    PQIA: API SP/ILSAC GF-6A is Here!

    I thought the ST looked really good too. But I'm biased ;)
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    digital photo storage

    I use a 2T spinning drive for my photographs. Purchased a small portable box with a USB cable that houses it. I have never trusted outside storage such as the cloud. I chose a spinning drive because it's about the best for long term storage.
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    New to me 05 tundra 4.7 recommendations

    Synthetic 5w-30 of your choice (even SuperTech syn) and the appropriate Toyota filter. Follow the OM on the OCI.
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    1978 Ford Thunderbird 6.6L 351M 1.2k OCI Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy 0w30

    I had a 351M in a '77 F150. What a gas guzzling POS. "Low performance'? Huge understatement!
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    1978 Ford Thunderbird 6.6L 351M 1.2k OCI Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy 0w30

    Probably corrosion (rust) inside the engine block from infrequent use.
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    Which Diff Oil. -Dodge Ram Diesel

    Any 75w-140 synthetic. My choice would be SuperTech syn (of course) and not a botique.
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    2020 F150 3.5EB - Winter Oil

    My point is whatever you do doesn't really matter. Choose something and try it. You didn't say where in Canada you live and how cold it gets. These are important facts in making a decision between 0w and 5w. For the majority the difference is static (unless it gets VERY cold where you live...
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    Motorcraft SP432 plug life expectancy?

    No, just an experiment. I tried Denso Iridium's, thinking they would easily make 100k, and took a look at them at 20k. The left bank (the waste spark side) center electrode was completely gone. Melted away. That is when I just threw in the coppers. If they don't last I'll go back to Platinum's.
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    Syntec is Back...

    I walked into the Big O once when I was stationed in Texas. Walked around. Looked at prices. Never went back.
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    Motorcraft SP432 plug life expectancy?

    Years ago when straight copper plugs were used the agreed mileage (and was stated in the owners manual) to change them at 30k miles. Half the plugs I took out at that mileage needed replacing and the other half could have gone longer. My 2005 Ranger, same as yours, came from the factory with...
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    Fluid For 2002 Ford Power Steering

    Find someone with an old Ford (like my F150) pre @1995 and give it to them. It's what goes into their PS system.
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    Difference between Mobil 1 10w-30 vs M1 10w-30 High Mileage for lawn mower

    Mobil1 10w-30 is ACEA A5/B5. Mobil1 HM 10w-30 is ACEA A3/B3. I would use the HM oil (and have).