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  1. TheLawnRanger

    Strange Foreign Objects Found in Tires

    I had a slow leak earlier this week. It was just a nail this time. There was another time when I had a shark tooth cause a tire to leak. Who else has had a tire damaged by something strange?
  2. TheLawnRanger

    Syntec is Back...

    ...and better than ever according to the O'Reilly site. It's powered by O'Reilly. Anyone know if is taking the place of the regular house brand? Is this made br Castrol?
  3. TheLawnRanger

    Do any of you ever read this site? If so, do you find it useful? It's popped up the last few times I've researched various minor engine problems.
  4. TheLawnRanger

    Amazon Accuracy

    I've been looking at spark plug wires for my Impala. I see the same couple of sets at all the major auto part stores and all the stores say the wires fit my car. I go to Amazon and they say these don't fit your car. What's odd is that when I almost did the job in 2019, Amazon said the wires did...
  5. TheLawnRanger

    Autozone Mystery Deal

    Did anyone get an Autozone mystery deal in their email this morning? You have to open a tool box to reveal the deal. I got $13 off of a $60 order. If a needed a replacement part that would be great. Hopefully, I won't need to spend $60 at autozone in the near future.
  6. TheLawnRanger

    Rearview Mirror Adhesive

    Have any of you used Permatex rearview mirror adhesive extreme strength formula? How were the results?
  7. TheLawnRanger

    Hengst vs. UFI

    I've discovered that my Buick Encore with a 1 4L turbo engine that has two possible filters for the same engine. One is for the Hengst housing and is manufactured by several companies. The second possibility is for the UFI housing with versions being made only by AC Delco and Fram. You can...
  8. TheLawnRanger

    Supertech Version of PF2263G

    Does anyone know how to find out what the Supertech version of the AC Delco pf2263g is. Every time I enter my vehicle information, I get spin on filters when it should be a cartridge filter.
  9. TheLawnRanger

    Havoline 5w30 Synthetic Blend High Mileage

    I'm considering using the Havoline Smart Box high mileage synthetic blend 5w30in my Impala and Colorado. Shouldn't this oil be good for a 5000 mile OCI even though it's not a full synthetic?
  10. TheLawnRanger

    Havoline Pro DS Smart Box FS or Castrol FS Magnatec 5w30

    I have always liked Magnatec. It's on sale at Walmart for $17.95 for 5 quarts while the Havoline is $17.97 for 6 quarts. Is the Havoline a slam dunk simply because of the extra quart?
  11. TheLawnRanger

    New Jack Stands

    I got my new Pro-Lift 3 ton jack stands today. They seem ok. One of the posts has some small chips near the bottom of the saddle. I'm not pleased with that but it shouldn't make a difference functionally, I hope.
  12. TheLawnRanger

    Safe Jack Stand Recommendation

    I have two pairs of jack stands from HF. One pair has been recalled. Do you think I feel safe now using the identical pair that were not recalled just because there are different number written on them? Not a chance. What is a safe set of jack stands used by people who work under cars on a...
  13. TheLawnRanger

    Techron Question

    I bought some Techron yesterday. I forgot to get it off the back of my truck when I got home. It's been sitting in the sun all day. Any damage?
  14. TheLawnRanger

    OBD2 Code Reader

    Has anyone used the Hyper Tough HT309 code reader that cost around $20? If so, what did you think?
  15. TheLawnRanger

    AZ Techron

    BOGO this month $8.99 Probably the 12 oz. based on price
  16. TheLawnRanger

    Castrol Edge and Super Tech 12 qt. at Walmart

    Castrol Edge is $19.52 for 5 quart jug at WM 3 or 4 bucks less than normal. . Edit: 12 quart boxes of Super Tech $20.00 also
  17. TheLawnRanger

    Torque Specs Site

    Is there a reliable website to find torque specs? I have Haynes service manuals but like to double check.
  18. TheLawnRanger

    Havoline Smart Box or Supertech 5w30 FS

    The Havoline Smart Box FS 5w30 for $19.97 has an extra quart and is a name brand. However, that extra quart will cost you $5 and change. Supertech FS 5w30 is $14.88 for 5 quarts but you can buy an extra quart for a little under $5, but you have a store brand. Which would you choose and why?
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  20. TheLawnRanger

    Mobil Super Synthetic Replaced by Mobil Full Synthetic at Dollar General

    I think the new product is the old product rebranded.