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  1. Nick1994

    Tundra died while going down the road.....

    Sounds like timing belt. Since you've already tried cranking it, take a video of the sound it makes while cranking. My Camry died while driving last year and it sounded really weird when cranking, timing belt had broken
  2. Nick1994

    Any long term reviews on Cooper Discoverer At3 4s?

    Have the non 4S version on my grandfather's 14' Grand Cherokee. I think about 18k miles on them and I think the tread is about 1/2 way to replacement time. We use them in the desert in harsh rocky conditions they're kind of chunking in the tread and sidewall, but not too bad. My only complaint...
  3. Nick1994

    Fresh Gas Pumps

    I think the freshest gas is Costco. The ones around here are always backed up and constantly pumping at all pumps. Since you can pump on either side, traffic only flows one way, and there's no convenience store to go in and buy snacks, it really is maximum flow time. Also means the wait time...
  4. Nick1994

    Fluff in Oil

    You and @AutoMechanic are too new. You guys will have to read this thread from front to back. And maybe some of his others :ROFLMAO:
  5. Nick1994

    Fluff in Oil

    If PowerBait doesn't destroy an engine, this certainly won't.
  6. Nick1994

    Drivers in 70+ Age Group Safer Than 35-54 Age Group

    One thing I think that needs to be taken into consideration, is the type of driving old people do. While their accidents per mile may be lower, their miles are trips to the grocery store at 1pm, they aren’t fighting traffic. They aren’t out in rush out huddle where there’s 10x more cars on the road.
  7. Nick1994

    Altima Cop Car

    What’s a Police Cooperative? I’m guessing not a full blown police officer?
  8. Nick1994

    2020 Hyundai Kona SE Review

    Yes it's through Hyundai. The dealer had a cheaper option through a 3rd party but I decided not to go through that headache of trying to get stuff approved.
  9. Nick1994

    Windows 10 Upgrade Guide

    I upgraded a work laptop to 20H2 last night. Haven't used it much but no issues so far. And it's an old Lenovo T440s.
  10. Nick1994

    I think she was running a little lean.....

    God I'd love for clinebarger to work on my cars, but the shipping costs would be a tad bit too expensive 😂
  11. Nick1994

    New Cars and Financial Ineptitude

    I wanted to take my Camry to high miles and drive the wheels off of it. But I have a bad back and needed some comfort. I bought a 15' Sonata which served me well for 3 years. I got the itch for a nicer car, and traded it in on the Genesis. Financially, I should have kept the Sonata. It was...
  12. Nick1994

    Do you know your blood type?

    O+. I really do need to donate more. Maybe this weekend.
  13. Nick1994

    Need a midsize SUV. 2021 Grand Cherokee, Blazer - or wait for 2022?

    Why is 3 rows a deal breaker? They fold down... Also, only the top SX trim gets 3 rows. The LX, S, and EX are 2 row.
  14. Nick1994

    Reliability of Chevy Colorado 5 Cylinder??

    My grandparents had an 02' Trailblazer with that straight six, I loved that thing. While no race car, it had plenty of power and decent fuel economy. Was better on gas than my grandpa's 14' Grand Cherokee. Same power. It's too bad that engine didn't make it in the Colorado.
  15. Nick1994

    When do you guys change tires - wear bar, etc

    Lost a front tire on the Genesis to a pothole this summer, they still had good tread but I wanted a matching pair and got a good deal on some Pirellis. The rears are under 3/32" now after 14k miles. Going to keep going. Maybe not quite to dragster slicks but I'll use em' up. If there's rain in...
  16. Nick1994

    WWYD - Customer won't pay for tranny swap

    She owes you $800. You should have known it needed reprogramming ahead of time and had that part of the quote. Im not a mechanic, but I don't know that I'd be ok with junkyard transmission fluid, should have been part of the quote too. From this point forward, you need legit paperwork and a...
  17. Nick1994

    How dark is this tint?

    35% on front doors, 20% on back doors, and all 3 back windows for the hatch/trunk area.
  18. Nick1994

    235/45-18 Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring

    An alignment might not tell the whole story. Sure while the car is on the rack sitting still it appears good, but while driving it might be towed out from worn parts for example.
  19. Nick1994

    How dark is this tint?

    Looks similar to my Jeep's. 35% front, 20% rear.
  20. Nick1994

    What happened to the 100,000 mile spark plugs?

    100k mile plugs in my direct injection Genesis 🤷‍♂️