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  1. TheLawnRanger

    Post your latest parts purchase

    Sylvania H11 Xtravision headlight bulb
  2. TheLawnRanger

    Down and almost (?) out.

    I'm glad you are feeling better.
  3. TheLawnRanger

    Best "normal" brake fluid......

    I use the Prestone Synthetic "for American cars" even though I suppose most if not all brake fluid is synthetic.
  4. TheLawnRanger

    Hankooks on the Camry

    Just enjoy your tires. A "V" rating is as good as it gets for regular tires. Sounds like an upgrade however you look at it. I'm getting a set of Tiger Paws for my truck when the current tires are done. I like the specs and am not too worried about the status of the name brand.
  5. TheLawnRanger

    I found a great free GPS app for cell phones.

    Thanks for the post. Sounds like a great app.
  6. TheLawnRanger

    Strange Foreign Objects Found in Tires

    I had a slow leak earlier this week. It was just a nail this time. There was another time when I had a shark tooth cause a tire to leak. Who else has had a tire damaged by something strange?
  7. TheLawnRanger

    Syntec is Back...

    O'Reilly is competitive with the other part stores here. If not, people would go across or down the street to AZ or AAP.
  8. TheLawnRanger

    Most significant common cars of, lets call it the "Modern" period

    My uncle had a Cordoba I always liked. I also remember the Cordoba being Herb's dream car on WKRP.
  9. TheLawnRanger

    Syntec is Back...

    ...and better than ever according to the O'Reilly site. It's powered by O'Reilly. Anyone know if is taking the place of the regular house brand? Is this made br Castrol?
  10. TheLawnRanger

    Pablo, are Amsoil oil filters stillthe best?

    Just realized that yet again, I'm reading a 7 year old thread. Why bring these up again? I bet at least 1 person involved in the conversation is no longer with us.
  11. TheLawnRanger

    Wheel balancer for home garage

    You have a good point. I can be too thrifty at times. Having a tire balancer would be nice.
  12. TheLawnRanger

    oil funnels worth the money?

    The big one out of the HF $.79 pack. That's my oil funnel.
  13. TheLawnRanger

    Wheel balancer for home garage

    I don't think I would ever need one enough to justify the $2000.
  14. TheLawnRanger

    Warren Distribution sold to Equity Firm

    Oils well that ends well.
  15. TheLawnRanger

    Squirrels in the attic

    Well, I guess we know what you're having for dinner. An old fashioned squirrel sandwich.
  16. TheLawnRanger

    Stock advice

    Anyone ever get stock advice the Garage Journal board or
  17. TheLawnRanger

    I miss you _______ on my new car.

    It's called the aristocratic look.
  18. TheLawnRanger

    I miss you _______ on my new car.

    CD player
  19. TheLawnRanger

    Good DIY forum?