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  1. NormanBuntz

    Valvoline VO-106 oil filters

    I'm doing 4500-5000 mile oil changes as I juggle three vehicles for two drivers. I favor using Fram Ultra, Donaldson or Wix oil filters, but I just bought a case of 12 of these Valvoline VO-106 filters, made by Champion Labs in 2019, for $2.49 a piece including free shipping on eBay. Now I'll...
  2. NormanBuntz

    $1.99/qt for Cam2 SuperPro Max syn blend at some Napa stores

    One of my local Napa stores in Elizabeth City, NC has this Cam2 synthetic blend oil rated SN Plus for $1.99 in single quarts. Dummy me, already with an unwieldy stash, couldn't resist so I bought a case of 5w-20 for my Ridgeline and a friend's 2013 Highlander. $1.99 is a very nice everyday price...
  3. NormanBuntz

    OCI for Bobcat MT85, Kubota diesel

    My son has a one year old Bobcat MT85 mini track loader that gets regular use and abuse in his business. It has a Kubota 3 cylinder diesel engine, 24.8 HP. His Bobcat dealer did the first OC at 50 hours, like the owners manual says. But the dealer insists that the next OCI is 500 hours. The...
  4. NormanBuntz

    New Subaru Outback OEM floormat set

    OEM 2015-2018 Subaru Outback Black Woven Floor Mats, 4 Piece Set, BRAND NEW in factory packaging, part number J501SAL000 For sale for $48 plus cost of FedEx Ground shipping from NC. If interested, send PM.
  5. NormanBuntz

    Oil Filters for Toyota & Lexus

    Today I received a Fram CH9972 oil filter from Amazon. It was only $4.79 but I was disappointed to see it was made in China. The photo here shows the Fram on the left, the Full equivalent (made in Thailand) in the middle and the K&N equivalent (made in Korea) on the right. I'm no fan of K&N but...
  6. NormanBuntz

    Old time hockey: Henri Richard RIP

    Henri Richard, who played on 11 (ELEVEN) Stanley Cup championship teams with the Montreal Canadiens, died yesterday at age 84. I saw him play many games at the Spectrum in Philadelphia in the 1960's and 1970's. Always distinguished looking with his silver hair and no hockey helmet, Richard was...
  7. NormanBuntz

    Motor Trend rips 2020 Ford Explorer

    <a href="" title="httpswwwmsncomenusautosautossuvshondapilotvsfordexplorerallnew3rowsuvtakesonasegmentstalwartarBB10m4Z1ocidspartandhp"...
  8. NormanBuntz

    Removing 2 year old body side moldings

    My 2017 Camry has Toyota dealer installed body side moldings on all four doors ordered by the original owner. I'm thinking about going back to the original dealer to have them removed because I don't like the look. They are the adhesive type with no fasteners. Can I be confident the dealer will...
  9. NormanBuntz

    2017-2019 Toyotas: what OCI do you use?

    I just bought a 2017 Camry XLE 4 cylinder with 10,000 miles. It only has 7 months of new car warranty left. OM calls for 10K mile oil changes with 0w-20 synthetic oil. Toyota owners: what say ye?
  10. NormanBuntz

    Strange leak on 2013 Accord K24W

    Yesterday I readied my 2013 Accord to start up after being stored in a Florida garage for 7 months. Battery maintainer did its job, and car started immediately. No unusual noises and engine ran fine. The next day I noticed several new motor oil drops about 18 inches apart in a line as I backed...
  11. NormanBuntz

    Mototeknika air intake hoses made in China???

    I need to replace two air intake hoses on the M35. One is from the air filter box to the center intake tube. The other is from the intake tube to the engine. Nissan/Infiniti only sells the entire three piece unit as OEM at a best available internet price of about $211. I found the pair of hoses...
  12. NormanBuntz

    Another Milestar MS932 Sport buyer

    I rolled the dice yesterday and had four Milestar MS932 Sports installed on my wife's Infiniti. I wanted an all season tire that was V rated. Previous tires on the car were OEM Goodyear Eagle RSA (lasted 41K miles), Cooper Zeon (25k miles) and Toya Versado LX II (still decent after 44k miles)...
  13. NormanBuntz

    Bosch D3300: reuse or trash it?

    My M35 has had an average OCI of 5,077 miles since new using 5w-30 synthetic blends, mostly Conoco Phillips oils. The splash shield has about 19 10mm bolts to remove to access and change the oil filter, but I use a Fumoto valve where I only have to bend back a small flap to only drain the oil...
  14. NormanBuntz

    Another bad Cardone driveshaft

    I had my indie mechanic install a <span style="text-decoration: underline">new</span> Napa Maxdrive (Cardone) drive shaft nearly two years ago. After less than 8K miles I grew tired of the driveline vibration I felt when accelerating briskly and cruising between 50 and 60 mph. The repair was...
  15. NormanBuntz

    Need to replace ignition coils with new plugs?

    On my 2007 Ridgeline with 88K miles, I wanted to do the first spark plug change. I bought Denso Iridium plugs and had my local indie mechanic install them. When I started the engine, I immediately had an engine miss and the CEL came on. Mechanic found one of the ignition coils was bad. Probably...
  16. NormanBuntz

    Cleaning the mass airflow sensor on Nissan VQ35

    Bought some CRC Mass Airflow Cleaner to douche out the sensor on the wife's car. 106K miles and it's never been cleaned. Question: after cleaning must I perform an ECU reset? I know the procedure, but is it necessary?. I've seen conflicting information.
  17. NormanBuntz

    July 4 Three Stooges marathon

    On July 4 there's a Three Stooges marathon on the IFC cable network until 3 p.m. Spread out!
  18. NormanBuntz

    RIP actor Clint Walker, aka Cheyenne Bodie

    Just found out that Clint Walker died two days ago at age 90. Most members here are younger and won't recognize the name, but his character and the 1955 TV series Cheyenne started a television craze for viewers who loved westerns. The show ran for nine years and was very popular. This man had a...
  19. NormanBuntz

    New Service Champ high performance oil filter

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> These were introduced in 2017, but Service Champ now has a more complete line. I believe these are made by Champion...
  20. NormanBuntz

    Just finished 35 day western U.S. road trip

    My wife and I just wrapped up a five week road trip throughout Canada and the Rocky Mountain states in our 2017 Honda Odyssey. Stops included PA, IN, WI, ND, Saskatchewan, Alberta, MT, WY, CO, SD, IA and OH. The minivan, loaded down pretty well, racked up 8,678 miles and averaged 26 mpg. Not bad...