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    Been a while since I have seen the airplane on a conveyor belt topic.

    Because it's been beaten to death.
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    I handled one at the local gun show last year. **** thing felt like it was made out of cast iron and the grip was huge. Have fun!
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    Ammunition Cost Doubles

    I bit the bullet and bought 200 rounds of hollowpoints from SGAmmo. Not the best stuff, not the best price, but it was available and now I have a small stash of defensive rounds just in case the zombies come. No more for me unless things change.
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    Why the Different Crossing Pattern When Rotating Tires

    I think that it's more important that it's done rather than doing it some particular way, but that's me.
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    Shooting Range in Basement

    You know you don't need one or you're just not getting one?
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    Shooting Range in Basement

    Excellent point.
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    Shooting Range in Basement

    I would assume you'll need some kind of permit to build this?
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    New Honda Oil Change Question

    Why not? The MM takes your driving habits into consideration.
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    New Honda Oil Change Question

    Personally, I would change the oil and filter now just so it was off my mind, but it's not necessary and it probably wouldn't make any difference either way. But after that you should follow the maintenance minder.
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    Best cleaning oils for short OCIs

    Motor oils are lubricants, not cleaning solvents. Any modern oil has detergents in it and will slowly work to slowly clean things up. It was floated around here a few years ago that using products like yellow-bottle Pennzoil scrubbed the insides of your engine and that you could only leave it...
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    How much ammo do you need?

    Need for practice? There's no specific correct number, limited only by availability and practicality. I've slowed down my range visits to every 4-6 weeks and limited my shooting to 100-150 rounds. I have 1500+rounds of good, inexpensive (at the time) S&B and wished I had more but I'm not really...
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    Glock P80

    Yes, working with Lipsey’s for the lucrative collector's market. What's your issue with it?
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    Sig Sauer P320 - Self Discharge Reports

    Seems like someone's in denial that they may have touched the trigger. These things just don't fire without the trigger being depressed out of the blue. And shame on them for brining up the drop safety problem which is a completely different and now-solved issue.
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    My First Road Kill

    When I was a teenager on my way to a friend's house, I accidently and unknowingly hit someone's cat as she darted in front of me from behind a bush. It happened so fast I didn't know what happened, all I saw was a quick flash of movement. I slowed down and looked in my rearview mirror and didn't...
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    New Car Wait Time

    And your car was probably built/painted months ago so curing shouldn't be an issue.
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    Coast Guard Chooses Glock

    In what way? It's a global economy so they are free to choose whatever they want. It's also government contracting: get the best product you can at the cheapest price. Just because a certain product is chosen does not mean it's the 'best'. It means it's the best product they could get for the...
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    Anyone shoot .22 TCM 9R?

    Thanks, guys. I've pretty much decided to put my box of ammo up on the local firearms site to sell/trade and be done with it. Maybe I'll shoot one someday, but for now...
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    no image on laptop

    During the times when it doesn't work, do you get anything at all? Or lose it after it POSTs? Meaning you see the HP logo and whatever else comes up but then disappears when it should be going into Windows?
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    Replace desktop SATA hard drive with Laptop hard disk?

    No problem at all. Generally (very generally), desktop hard drives are tuned more for longevity since they have a comparatively easy life, while laptop drives are tuned for reliability since they live in in a harsher environment. But they are functionally identical if the specs are otherwise the...