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  1. opus1

    Meijer going Top Tier

    I just got an e-mail from Meijer announcing this, but I see y'all have beaten me to the punch. Once I use up my stash of Speedway gift cards, looks like Meijer may become my go-to -- especially since they seem to march in step with Speedway's pricing. And that's before the discount my Meijer...
  2. opus1

    93 Octane for Turbo’s

    The manual for the Cobalt "recommends" 93 octane and that's all the car has gotten since I bought it. Even at close to $5/gallon I looked at it as the price of admission for joyriding in a turbo vehicle.
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    Spied 2 Ford Broncos in Dillon, CO Today

    In 2011 I was coming down US6 into Dillon and saw what I assumed were two Buick Regals in cammo headed into the mountains. Same situation, I couldn't turn around and I was by myself so I couldn't even get a picture while moving. I saw some Opels in a parking lot in Dillon, so that's what led...
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    First oil filter you ever bought

    Since my family was GM until 1980, AC Delco. It was either a PF24 or PF25.
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    I miss you _______ on my new car.

    Not to mention that you either have to fish out all your coins at your destination or risk a crackhead busting the windows to get at your change...
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    Nissan Cube No Oil on Dipstick

    Usually. There was this one time in Buffalo where I happened to check the oil level on a rental and it barely registered on the stick. I put in enough to get it above the "add" mark and to their credit, the rental agency refunded the cost of the oil I'd added. But even that isn't a guarantee...
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    cars with high mileage

    Highest I currently have in the fleet is my Dakota with 120,500. Had an '89 S-15 Jimmy that I got to 160,000 before I called it quits - in fact I replaced it with the Dakota. Everything but the water pump was original and I used conventional 5w30 for oil changes every 3-4,000 miles.
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    Builders grade appliances - not as bad as you would think (well at least in 1999/2000).

    Search YouTube for the 'Silicon Valley' episode where Jian Yang buys a refrigerator with internet access...worth the trip, I promise - especially when Anton gets involved (you may have to search for another clip to see how that ends). I'd link it here, but towards the end it violates some of...
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    Builders grade appliances - not as bad as you would think (well at least in 1999/2000).

    YMMV. I bought a townhouse in 1996, GE Builder-Grade kitchen appliances. Gas valve on the oven went out about 2 months after my warranty ended...fortunately I bought the extended warranty plan because the cost of the valve itself would have been close to a new stove. Current house was built...
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    New KY License Plates

    One of the neighbors had work done on their house and one of the carpenters had this as his front plate - novelty plate since Indiana doesn't require front plates:
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    I think I am done with sams club.

    I was lured in a couple of years ago when they were building a new club near my house - first year membership was $25 after a gift card promotion for signing up while construction was under way. Renewed for a year after that but then decided it wasn't worth it. My big savings there came from...
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    License Plates

    One trip through the car wash; this is why I loathe Illinois' requirement for a front plate:
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    License Plates

    It beats this - and these aren't that bad. I've seen plates where half of the face was peeled off and there was nothing left but the embossed aluminum.
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    Driving addiction, hard to cure

    Well, if you don't test the system, how do you know it will work when you need it? :D
  15. opus1

    Driving addiction, hard to cure

    Open roads, definitely. Rush-hour traffic not so much. I have a 25-30 mile loop that I take from my house and back when I need to get away. I call it octane-infused velocity therapy.
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    Sirius XM experiences..

    LOL, you reminded me of something that happened to a local radio station many years ago. The station was sold and the on-air staff walked because they didn't want to work for the new company. Until the sale went through, they couldn't have dead air so one of the engineers created a 6 hour loop...
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    Do yall consider your ride(s) as an extension of your

    I look at it more like the proper tool for the task at hand.
  18. opus1

    What IS different about starters used in auto start/stop equipped engines?

    Meh, yes, and yes. :p The Cobalt is still a key start but it works like a push button - you bump the key into the start position but don't need to hold it there, and the car will crank. I can take it or leave it.
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    Vehicle Gross Weight on Registration

    Not to mention the abuse of RV plates on a pickup that doesn't have any of the required items to qualify for the plate, and normal passenger car plates on a standard-cab pickup...
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    I guess you should check your lug nut torque

    This is one of the many reasons I like Discount Tire. Not only do they use torque sticks, but they follow up with a torque wrench to be sure.