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    Replace battery or not?

    If the crank is slower, would you consider this more of an indication of a dying battery over the technical checks? So the past 2 weeks the starter has cranked slower than it did previously. Car still starts but I thought I should look into a new battery. Pulled out my owners manual and it...
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    Music: Acoustic guitar technique

    Pretty cool. Sure, tapping is nothing new, but this guy really uses so many different parts of his guitar that I found it quite unique and wanted to share: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    2 sweet cars, 1 celeb and a 'decent' song

    Long shot and kinda old news, but a music vid version of Mad Max (imo). Might not be your music style, but some great effects going on here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> 1:58 for the sweetest ride. 2:33...
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    The ultimate (?) 50's Dodge Powerwagon

    A Dodge Powerwagon is a big truck, but big enough to have multiple bedrooms? Go to the forty-five second mark to see it, but the whole vid is worth the 5 minutes: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <img...
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    Coconut and Palm oils as a Engine Lubrication Base

    Started a job last week in a new company and have been pouring over peer reviewed publications - I have been surprised to learn how effective coconut and palm oils are in engine lubrications. Some publications show them to be more effective than mineral and syn. based motor oils...
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    World Jazz

    Combination of jazz with world elements...anyone else into it? Post up your favs. Heres a sample of Burhan Ocal on the darbuka and Marcus Miller on bass at the Montreux Jazz Festival: <a href=""...
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    I learned how to make a rabbit disappear!

    <img src="" alt="" /> :rofl:
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    What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

    This post is meant to be educational, not inflammatory (Hope the mods agree), so lets keep politics out of it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Nowadays, trillion is the new billion and I think that it is such a large unit of measure, most people cant wrap...
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    Can you help me ID this rifle?

    I think it is WWI, but it is just a guess. Bolt action, unknown caliber. I do have the bayonet/scabbard that goes with this but didnt feel like digging it out. I believe it is all original, including the sling. There is some kind of tag attached to the sling, but it is unreadable. <img...
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    Creative and modern sink designs

    Sinks are places most people spend more time than they realize - and doing fairly essential tasks no less, from shaving to hand washing. Why should a sink be any more bare-bones than anything else in your house? Some of these sinks serve functions you may have never known you needed (and might...
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    Tip (?) - CV Boot maintenance

    First of all, yes, I know my sanity will be questioned after reading this post. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/crazy2.gif" alt="" title="crzy" height="15" width="15" /> Im OK with that. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/thumbsup2.gif" alt="\:\!" title="thumbsup" height="18"...
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    Those wacky Canadians..

    Crazy...kid gets decapitated on a Greyhound Bus. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    5w vs 0w & MPG claims

    I never understood the "higher MPG claim" that 0w30 make, saying improved mileage over 5w30. At operating temps, they are both a 30 weight and that is where a very large percentage of the average drivers time is spent, at operating temps. Sure, startups are easier with a 0w, and those initial...
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    why jams appear for no apparent reason

    japanese scientists recreate traffic conditions to study why traffic jams appear for no apparent reason. check this out, courtesy autoblog: <a href=""...
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    Gas is not really needed.....

    Well, not really. But it can be seriously challenged now. Of course it wont work for everything right now (diesel 18 wheelers delivering goods, ships, etc) but it is doable for a lot of daily driving...60% of drivers drive less than 50km a day, and 80% of those 60%, never leave urban areas...
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    I tried to search, but oly a topic on synlube filters came up...maybe I did it wrong? <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Any thoughts on this "lifetime" oil? I thought I would find more negative comments on it
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    Carquest 5w30 Synthetic

    Does anyone have any information (Grp II, III, IV) or opinions on Carquest Synthetic oil, sold at World Wide Auto Parts? I was told it is manufactured by Valvoline and sold as W.W.A.P. "house" brand motor oil. At $3.29/qt., the price point certainly tempted me to try some.
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    "Flushing" trans w/ motor oil

    Ok…bear with me here: Im ready to do a drain and fill on my manual trans (first change, ~11k miles)…will be using wither Redline or Royal Purple GL4. Im thinking that after a majority of my 75w90 drains out of my hot/warm trans, I would like to dump a quart (or two) of dino 5w30 motor oil...
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    Cold starts

    So I'm thinking that if one could install a pump that would circulate the oil before you turn voer the engine, you could dramatically decrease startup wear. Discuss. Is it possible? Would it really help any? Thanks!
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    Specs. on the 1NZ-FE Toyota engine

    Hopefully will find this informative...I know I did. The motor is in the Scion xA and xB, plus the Toyota Echo as well...not sure what other models have it. Specs. on the xB/xA 1nz-fe engine -1495 cubic centimeters -75.0mm bore -84.7mm (3.33-in) stroke -dual overhead camshafts (4 valves per...