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    Chevron Supreme back at Walmart

    All good bud, very nice of you to donate to the Red Cross.
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    Chevron Supreme back at Walmart

    You mean (6) 5 quart containers.
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    Does this mechanic have a clue?

    Personally, I am just curious.
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    Does this mechanic have a clue?

    Buddy of mine has an 08 Acura TL like mine and just rolled 105 thousand miles. He ordered the Asian TKH--002 timing kit and a serpentine belt. So we went to this garage where a friend of mine recommended and he asked the mechanic what it would cost and to adjust the valves while he was doing the...
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    Need a midsize SUV. 2021 Grand Cherokee, Blazer - or wait for 2022?

    I would go with the beautiful Grand Cherokee that you have pictured.
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    Duh moments while wrenching on vehicles

    About 5 years ago I was using my 2 foot Mag Lite flash lite working on my Ram. Forgot I left it in the engine bay and went for a rip up the road. Popped the hood when I got back and remembered I left it in the engine bay -- GONE!!!! Spun around and retracked my ride -- nowhere to be found.
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    Hankooks on the Camry

    You got a great deal on those tires Adam!!! Hope they take care of you & the Camry for a long time. I am actually shopping for new tires for the Acura at the moment online.
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    How much Techron per tank of fuel?

    Just use per instructions on the bottle -- really that simple.
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    Breaking out the October beers!!!

    Coming from Berks County Pa. -- Victory brings out there Storm King this time of year. Victory Brewery is approximately 40 minutes from my house. So tasty and my girlfriend luvs Samuel Adams Octoberfest this time of year also. What are we divining on good BITOG peoples?
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    Flush engine oil when changing oil viscosity?

    You wanna go to Hell with me pig -- you wanna go to hell with me pig!! Lol
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    Flush engine oil when changing oil viscosity?

    Did this turn into the GONG SHOW all of a sudden???
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    Oil locked up

    Never heard of people stealing oil from Wal Mart but -- in this day and age -- totally believe it. :(
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    What's in your oil pan???

    2017 Jetta -- 4.5 quarts Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0W40 & FU 2008 Acura TL -- 4.5 quarts Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage 0W20 & FU 2005 Subaru Baja -- 4.5 quarts Super Tech HM Synthetic 5W30 & FU 2000 Dodge Ram 4X4 -- 5 quarts of Rotella Multi Vehicle 5W30 & FU
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    1999 Ford Expedition v8 4.6L Oil suggestions

    Quaker State Syn Blend High Mileage 5W30 and Super Tech or Motorcraft oil filter from Walmart -- less then 20 bucks.
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    Filter held up well for that run!!!
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    1997 Chevy Z71 350 Vortec 160,000 miles, under the valve cover

    Is that the truck you bought for your Son months back? Does not look bad at all under the valve covers -- regular conventional oil has come along way over the years also.
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    Under valve cover pics 97 Civic

    Looks good!!!!
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    Oil change disaster

    All right, so what oil & filter did you put back into it??