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    Pentosin Dot 4LV in a G37x?

    The left rear caliper has stuck on a few occasions after bad weather trips and both rears have pretty significant corrosion (base sliding cast iron calipers) so I ordered a pair of Raybestos R-line replacements, new Akebono ASP pads and 2L of the Pentosin Dot4 LV fluid based on the thinking the...
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    Radiator Hoses on a 12 g37x sedan

    Hello all, so was checking the oil last week as one does and noticed dirt adhesion on the block from moisture and traced it to a lower radiator hose leaking from where it meets the thermostat housing. I ordered the vehicle specific Gates upper and lower radiator hoses, an OEM thermostat...
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    2012-2014 Lexus GS350 AWD Reliability?

    Hey all I was hoping for some info on these cars, may not be needing an SUV but I still need more room then my 12 G37x sedan. The Infiniti is great fun but I'd also like something a little more comfortable for me and the dog. I really am not up to date on the RWD chassis Toyta/Lexus sedans...
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    2018 VW Atlas 3.6 4 Motion Reliability?

    A good buddy of mine is looking for a safe late model larger SUV for about $24-30k and really liked the upper trim Atlas, he can get a 1 owner example with under 25,0000 miles in his price range. On paper it looks good, iron block NA v6 with an AISIN transmission. Any info on the...
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    Sub $15,000 Toyota/Lexus (03-09?) V8 SUV suggestions?

    Appreciate any input on a vehicle dilemma. As title says I am exploring getting an older but reliable frame on SUV for various job and life reasons including towing capacity as well as overall durability and versatility of the vehicle and a more accessible engine bay to do my own repairs and...
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    G37 needed a battery

    So I have been giving my 2012 g37x her annual detail the past week and while working with the trunk and doors open for several hours the battery went dead. I was able to recover it with a charger, but it is a 33 month old Interstate MTP-35 and seems untrustworthy now. I'm in a small town...
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    Info on Mobil1 M108A Filter

    Per Mobil1 tech support email the M108A uses a silicone ADBV and the bypass pressure setting is 15psi. I know Subi's like a higher pressure then that but is there any reason that would be inadequate for the G37/370z?
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    Which oil for a G37 with a 5k mile or 1 year OCI

    My 12 G37x is due for an oil change soon and I'm trying to decide between Mobil1 5w-30 Vanilla (what it's had for the past 50k miles I've owned it, 83k total on the car) and Mobil 1 5w-30 EP or the 0w-40FS, or maybe even Redline's 5w-30. No engine mods and the car sees a mix of shorter rural...