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    2015 Honda Accord FF UOA 8350 miles

    So I did the first oil change and UOA on the factory fill with 8350 miles. The only odd thing I see is the Oxidation at 22. The silicon will drop over the next few oil changes. Changed the oil and filter with Amsoil SS 0W-20 and a Honda A01 oil filter. The MM was at 15% when changed...
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    Hengst filter with almost 10k cut open video

    I cut open my Hengst filter that was on my 1998 Jetta Tdi with almost 10k on the filter. I used the new Longacre filter cutter. Makes it so much easier to open these suckers! Been using these filter for years. <a href="" target="_blank">Hengst filter cut open</a>
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    Video of Amsoil Bypass install on Dodge Ram

    I did a video on how to install the Amsoil bypass filter several years ago that others might find helpful. <a href="" target="_blank">Amsoil bypass install</a>