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    New Lucas UCL

    There is a newish product; UCL 'Extreme Cold Weather' fuel treatment - it's a little orangier than the others - is that what you saw? . . doc
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    wife left her gmail open on firefox

    Jeebers! You got off easy! So she dislikes some of the inlaws, and jokes about how stupid you can be - that is like "Level 1" on the open-ended "Email Things I Didn't Want To Find" scale!! Think of all the stuff that COULD have been in there...(aaargh!) She's not rhapsodizing to her friends...
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    Synthetic choices for my RX8

    I'm on my fourth year with my '8 as a daily driver, premixing since Day One. unDummy summed it up very well - as you see from the manual, you can just use 'whatever' in the engine. The real engine-saver is your pre-mix, the injection system on the RX-8 was calibrated way too conservatively...
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    Is more octane added at refinery,depot or station?

    All the replies are right, except that last one about % of "octane"..... There may actually be NO "octane" in your gas. Octane is a specific paraffin molecule that may be in gasoline, and has little to do with it's "Octane Number". The refinery blends the two grades, and the pump mixes...
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    truel fo false.

    Never use a filter that relies on the dirt it collects to do its "filtering"..... . . . doc
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    homemade pizza

    Yeah, the crust is the difference between a magnificent pizza and just cheese-on-toast! gonna share your crusty secrets? . . doc
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    Subaru Forester 2.5L Interference Engine?

    I was under the impression that none of the Subaru motors were interference, but according to the Gates Catalog, I am wrong - looks like yours would be one of them. <a href="" target="_blank">Gates Link....</a> . . doc
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    BIG Truck

    There are a lot around, we have 20+ <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />..... <a href="Mine....." target="_blank"></a> . . doc
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    P0100 code

    Don't just spray the bulb you see in the MAF, that's just a temperature varistor, shoot the spray up into the MAF body, the fine wires there are the actual sensor element. ....and NO q-tips! Ever. . . doc
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    5W-30 versus 5W-20 in Mazda RX 8

    I'm with the BusterMan - how do you come up with this theory that 5w20 is a cause of any engine failures? You are in the wrong forum to start bashing 5W20 oils - they have proven over and over to be excellent lubes, and to cool better than a 30 weight. Your claim that EVERY RX-8 owner is having...
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    Alkylate petrol for clean engines

    Sounds like a lot of hogwash - runs smoother, starts easier, ageless (!), no smell, no smoke, I think every refinery in the US has an "alky" unit, either sulphuric based or HF based - it's not magic, it's a part of every brand out there..... . . doc
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    Water in my Gas Tank..

    Wish you were right, Rob, but any significant water in a 10% blend will make a bad situation worse - the ethanol gloms onto the water and separates out. Now your pump is picking up 100% watery alcohol.....been there, T-shirt aquired. . . doc
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    windshield cleaners - what do you use ???

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> .......wonder if they buy used peptobismol <hr /></blockquote> I don't think "used" Pepto would clean very well! Think about it..... . . doc
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    You asked the wrrrooonnnnng person

    Last time I was in Canadian Tire, a couple of young guys parked their Fiat X19 in the next row, and the huge cloud of blue smoke lasted long after they had entered the store. As I headed to the checkout with my items, I passed them in the oil aisle, carrying a case each of that Nugold...
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    The Story With Additives - Rebuttal

    Your post would probably make more sense if it was in the thread where it all started.... As is, I can only ask "what test?" and "what device?" etc. . . doc
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    The orange fruit of death.

    Argentina isn't part of NAFTA. . . doc
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    Thinking about getting a Harley you know the Harley oil is technically inferior and overpriced, and that there are many superior products from other suppliers. If you we apply that reasoning to other Harley products, they would be out of business in a week. doc
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    Oil/Block heaters - what temp do you plug in at?

    If the plug hangs out front and you get some salt spray between the pins, it will allow a tiny charge to pass to ground, just enough to trip a GFI. Happened to me twice this month, the breakers here at work seem very sensitive. . . doc
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    Thinking about getting a Harley

    ...Please don't confuse me with the facts!" I'll be the one that says it - "it's really a better bike for the money." You know it for a fact, yet it doesn't sway you at all.....priceless! . . doc
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    Oil/Block heaters - what temp do you plug in at?

    When you get the cord routed, don't forget the little pin cover for the male pins. (or put a small baggie over the end) A tiny amount of road salt between the posts will trip out a GFI breaker.... doc