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    Valvoline Zerex Asian AF vs Peak Asian AF

    Thanks for responding....much appreciated.
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    Valvoline Zerex Asian AF vs Peak Asian AF

    Just a basic question about Peak's Asian AF. Does the same apply to it like it's been well-established with the Valvoline Zerex Asian formula....meaning they're all essentially the same except for the color? I have a gallon of Peak's Asian blue for my Honda's and I just want to be sure before I...
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    Peak it any good?

    I just need to ask a basic question. I have two gallons of Peak's Asian(blue) AF in my inventory for my '98 CRV and '05 Pillot. Our daughter's '19 Hyundai Tucson Sport is a little below the MIN line and after reading yesterday that all of the Valvoline Zerex Asian AF's are essentially the...
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    What Year Did you Start Using Synthetic Motor Oil?

    When did they start selling it..1990 or thereabouts? I used to to buy it at Pep Boys in the beginning for around $3/qt which was pretty pricey at the time. I guess it was Mobil 1.
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    Lower ball joint, pick a brand

    I've had good luck with Proforged inner and outer tie rod ends and also their lower ball joints over the years.