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    time to go 5w30 or high milage oil?

    I made 230k miles using HM 10-40 in my Honda. When I sild it for a new auto, it still burned no oil. My take is the honda 4's are pretty rugged critters engine wise. My main reason for selling was the other "stuff". Power windows jamming, new shocks, A/C going etc..
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    cold flow

    Havoline has a good cold flow spec - [5700 -30] Valvoline Maxlife [5500 -30]
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    My first Havoline cycle

    darker oil doesn't necessarily mean "bad". Try the ink blot test.
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    Castrol Syntec

    Sounds like its time for mandated group labeling on the oil containers along with the star burst.
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    ANY benefit gained?

    For short trips and cold conditions I find that syns suffer most. Syns seem to thicken up more under those conditions, at least for me. When on long trips in hot conditions, syns rule. Just my 2 cents
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    Euro Platinum To be Discontinued?

    It sure would be nice to find an over-the-counter A3 nW-40.
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    Oil for 8.3 chevy -heavy loads

    I'd use regular Havoline/Chevron 5W-30 or any of the major high mileage 5w-30's.
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    Synthetic / Dodge Caravan

    His oil pressure was probably lower after the synthetic cleaned his engine out. Or he doesn't have any synthetic to sell you. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="images/icons/wink.gif" />
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    MC 5w-20 w/VSOT, 4100 mi, 5.4L Ford Expy

    Looks to me that the copper and lead might be coming from the oil cooler piping. The VSOT seems to be "cleaning" the oxidation. I'd revert to 1 oz of VSOT/quart.
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    Switcted from M1 7500 to Havoline

    I switched from Mobil clean 7500 to Havoline in a Mazda with no discernable change in performance thus far. Admittedly I only used clean one change and it was fine. But so is the Havoline and the Havoline seems to improve MPG by 1-2 MPG.
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    Bentley uses Mobil 1 0w40

    seem s to me Iread that PAO syns gum up in the presence of water i.e., short trips... Alledgedy the add pack counters this but thwarts long mileage oil changes. True or not?
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    What is better

    dino at 1500 miles should work well
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    0w-40 viscosity engine oils

    John Deere has a new tractor, no seat and no steering. For those have lost their butts and have no idea where they are going <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="images/icons/wink.gif" />
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    Thoughts on Shell Motor Oil (Its on Sale at Pep Boys)

    wondering if the "clicking" is viscosity dependent?
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    Battle of the 20's -Havoline vs Motorcraft

    Havoline, Motorcraft in that order. Louie Belson is my favorite drummer...
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    Does higher cSt number = lower fuel economy?

    The penzoil looks pretty good to me for the winter... Because of the number of variables by car/driver/conditions, about all you can do is try each and keep good records.
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    first post with some questions

    Let me share some of my experience with 5w-20 and 5w-30 oils in two autos, one v6 and one a 4 cylinder. The v6 "required" 5w-20 motorcraft in particular. We ran that for the first 10k miles or so. After which we tried GC, M1 10w-30 and Havoline non synthetic. MPG increased with each over the...
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    Valvoline All Cimate UOA's

    Well, judging by an add pack doesn't seem to track well. Those with "great" add packs don't appear to provide much better UOAs than those that have "weak" add packs. Just my 2 cents. Base oils seem to be more important. UOAs seemingly are blind to some newer additives.
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    less oil consumption with t/a

    T/A syn is ? Drive clean is not a bad oil, however I agree chevron/havoline are great oils.