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    AC current in the DC

    One of the things that most would over look in a charging system is a failure of an alternator diode. You might have an electrical symptom where components are working strange. When a diode fails it will either short or open. Most of the time it shorts or leaks AC. When this happens you get AC...
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    Post your latest tractor oil change.

    Amsoil 20w40 full synthetic in my JD 4720 and JD3320.
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    2 cycle and ethanol gas

    If you use 10% ethanol gasoline with your 2 cycle oil mix be warned. Don't keep the mix for than 30 days. The ethanol will make the oil separate and poor lubrication will result during the atomize of the fuel. I buy No ethanol gas. Some gas stations like Fast track sell it. It's about 90...