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    mouse under hood

    That's the worst. creeps me out lol. My brother had a mouse come out by his feet as he was driving once.
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    What lubricant for hedge trimmer blades?

    PlanetSafe AIM is the best I've ever found for hedge trimmers
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    random orbital recommendations

    I've only use a Porter Cable and it's been good for me.
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    Bought a whole bunch Automotive tools from Harbor Freight

    I love Harbor Freight. If i know I won't need the tool a lot that's where I buy it.
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    Chips(for eating)

    Sounds amazing! I love chili cheese fritos and I'm totally going to try this!
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    Filet mignon or ribeye in Crock Pot?

    I've never tried them. I agree with other comments and those cuts are probably too good to use in a crockpot. But...I'm might be worth a test, right? Try it and let us know!
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    Google Chrome

    Chrome and Firefox for me.
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    Had a G-Shock that was incredible. the bands keep breaking but that thing never dies.
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    Worst relationship you've ever been in

    I dated a girl that lied. Not being able to trust your partner is the worst.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    A neighbors lawnmower and thinking I need to go mow my lawn.
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    benefits of leaving a penetrating oil to soak in

    I always try to give it time to work on its own. Patience.
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    Milwaukee drill battery died

    I own a Milwaukee cordless drill and my battery died. It's the only Milwaukee product I own. Any one have experience fixing a battery? Its out of warranty so unless I can fix it, its trash. Any help would be great.
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    Best handheld cordless vacuum?

    I've used a Dyson before and it sure was nice. But too expensive for me. I own a Shark vacuum and it is pretty good too.