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    Rotella T6 5w40 Availability? Why can I get it locally?

    I hear folks from other parts of the USA say that there is plenty T6 5w40 in stock. Why is it that neither Walmart in 80921, or in Durango, CO seems to have any in stock for the past 2 years? This is crazy and my go to oil for my truck, turcocharged gassers, my camping generators, and my...
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    Did I screw up? Amalie X-treme 4T 10w40 Jaso MA, SG oil

    Dash doesn't bother me though to me it looks like the guy from the movie UP with his glasses and big nose. I got the bike for 12,500 with a 4 year warranty. I think I got a good deal on it and the bike is MUCH better than the FZ09 it replaced....that **** thing was too hooligan for me with its...
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    Did I screw up? Amalie X-treme 4T 10w40 Jaso MA, SG oil

    MSDS for it says "Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy paraffinic Carc. Cat. 2 " To me that smells like a Group 1 basestock. I'm going to put 1 bottle of it in each oil change of my wife's Santa Fe 2.0T. I'm not too concerned about LSPI in it since I now run 91 octane and we don't...
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    Did I screw up? Amalie X-treme 4T 10w40 Jaso MA, SG oil

    Hi, Wasn't paying attention and purchased a case of 12 quarts of this stuff. I thought It was synthetic but now think it is a conventional oil. Will this be ok to use in my 2022 GT9 Tracer and its wonderful triple 900 engine? I was thinking of blending 1 quart of ester 10w40 cycle oil...
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    Best ZDDP additive?

    Need to get my oil from 800 ppm to 1000 ppm minimum or slightly more 1200. 13.5 quarts of 5w40 need treatment. can someone recommend a product that can do the job? Thank you. PS Additive discussion only please. 5w40 diesel oil is hard to come by nowadays and I got ks.Delo CK4 oil which is...
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    Chevron Delo 400 XSP 5W-40 experiences in 6.7L Ford

    Thanks for the info regarding zddp. I figured it didn't meet the 1000 ppm spec which is why I'm planning on adding zddp via an additive. WHAT IS THE BEST ZDDP ADDITIVE TO USE? I don't want to buy some snake oil to find it it barely has any. Thanks!
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    4,000 mile oil change interval (with Synthetic) from now on.

    Dunny why people use mileage for OCIs. I base all of my changes based on 3 main factors: engine fuel injection (GDI versus non-GDI), type of driving (short trip, highway, or towing) and if it has a turbo. My wife's oil is changed 125 hours which is 2,500 miles. It is the infamous Hyundai...
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    I rarely change my oil

    When stationed in Korea for a little over a year, I bought a $300 Hoopty (Daewoo Royal Salon). Although looked like a POS, it was more reliable than cars costing 20x more that my coworkers bought. It leaked and burned about a quart every 2 months so I only did one filter change a year. Iand...
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    Kia 1.6 - 5w20 a must?

    Have 2 Hyundais. 0w-40/5w40 and no consumption issues.
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    Stock up soon on gas powered yard and garden equipment?

    Seeing less and less gasoline powered yard and garden equipment and personally a cord or rechargeable batteries is not something I desire in the future. Anybody else stocking up just in case? My chain saw is 25 years old, my weedeater is 20 years old, one blower is 4 years old and another is 18...
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    Chevron Delo 400 XSP 5W-40 experiences in 6.7L Ford

    Anybody know how well this oil performs in a 6.7L Ford engine? With winter coming, I need to dump my 15w40 and go back to 5w40. I'm thinking ZDDP levels aren't high enough to satisfy Ford's spec. If so, what do you recommend using as a ZDDP additive to make the oil more stout. I got 10...
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    19 Elantra vs corolla vs civic vs 18 Mazda 3

    Not sure if I can recommend any Hyundai right now. The 2.0T engine on my 2013 Santa Fe blew at 59,200 miles. It ran 5w40 in summer months (hot northern NM summers) and 0w40 in winter months (cold CO mountain weather). Oil changed every 125-150 hours which puts it around 5000 miles. Stupid me...
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     Rotella T6 syn 5w40 in Hyundai Di 2.0T?

    If it makes you feel better, I'm running mostly OW40 in my 13 Santa Fe with 2.0T. I have 18k miles on it so far and the car is running great. I'm also using Purolater Pure oil filters too.
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    New car in the stable: '16 KIA Optima SXL Turbo

    Congrats on the ride! I've been using Mobil 1 Ow40 with Purolator Plus oil filters for the past 18k miles. My OCIs are 5k miles.
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    20W-50 anyone?

    Most S4-S5 Mazda RX7 owners run 20w50 year round in their vehicles. I personally prefer 10w40 in mine but 20w50 is recommended in summer months.
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    To run or not to run the A/C?

    During winter months I run my A/C when taking an offramp off the interstate and when driving down hill on the highway. I do this every several days and haven't noticed any decrease in my average 43mpg winter fuel economy. In summer wx, I shut off my a/c when going up hill or accelerating and...
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    01 Jetta TDI 10K miles on 5w40 Redline

    05 TDI is a PD engine, sorry but I doubt 180k on a non 505.01 is possible without cam or lifter damage.
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    Which cars specify 10W-40?

    RX7s recommended 10w-40 year round but also had temperature criteria for other weight oils. I run nothing but 10w-40 in my 91 RX7 convertible and have no problems after 29k miles.
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    Bought a new pressure washer

    Go to your local Sam's Club and pick up a 2.4 GPM 2500 PSI Karcher pressure washer that is powered by a Honda engine for only 249.00. Mine has been great and very reliable.