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    Tiki torch oil

    Probably kerosene in all honesty. Kerosene gets used in a lot of those sorts of things.
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    About to buy a 4.6 mod

    Too thick? For all intensive purposes? Yes, absolutely. You'd get better MPG from thinner oils and they'd protect it absolutely fine. As for 5/20 to 0/20 thats a [censored]. Given that you're in Ks (Kansas?) the benefits of 0/20 likely are immeasurable at best. If you can get 0/20 for the same...
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    PT Cruiser

    I recently did a timing belt on my Dodge Stratus, 2.4L (essentially the same engine). Truth be told it was a nightmare, but I'd never done it before and never attempted something like that before. Getting the timing belt off and changing the idlers and stuff was actually pretty easy. Timing the...
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    Troubleshooting an evap leak?

    Throwing on a new gas cap would be a reasonable test, but a lot of shops, I can easily see, don't want to do 'seat of the pants' sort of jobs like that. If you throw on a new gas cap and have the customer leave to see if it fixes it, that customer could easily (dumbly) assume you know nothing...
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    how to wash/spray car with mineral free water?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Sunnyinhollister</div><div class="ubbcode-body">You can drink distilled water. De-ionized water is different from distilled and should not be consumed. </div></div> Deionized water and distilled water are just two...
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    how to wash/spray car with mineral free water?

    "distilled water (for drinking)" You know you can <span style="font-style: italic">die</span> from the ion imbalance that could cause, right? Assuming you mean real distilled, deionized water. Filtered water, bottled water, reverse osmosis water, etc, is a different ballpark.
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    Atomic Metal Conditioner

    Packaging looks like the same sorta [censored] you buy at a sketchy health supplements store.
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    Found radiator cap was bad, damage?

    Pressurization raises the boiling point, so, logically this bit of physics was defeated. Worst case scenario I can see with that is the coolant boiling. Boiling coolant can cause hot spots and possibly cavitation issues but with all the additives in coolant, this is typically a non-issue. The...
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    best bang for the buck radar detector.

    Unless you're buying a Valentine One or a high quality Escort Passport series (high sensitivity chipsets a must), you're pretty much just buying an indicator that tells you "too late, you're screwed!". Sounds like there's plenty of Passport "rebrands" out there though, so I'd suggest looking...
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    Think someone cursed my car.

    Yeah, your car is cursed: its in Chicago; lol.
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    How do you bleed your system of air?

    My reservoir feeds at the highest point in the system so for the first while I park and hear the bubbling. Eventually it fills itself back up perfectly and we're good to go. That initial fill is brutal though. The t-stat had a sort of check valve thing in it to bleed air, but that was too...
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    Horrible filter location...

    You can't loosen the filter from the top of the engine -? Not being sarcastic, genuinely just asking.
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    recommendation additive for durango 4.7

    A good additive that will help things "stay reliable" is just regular engine oil changes. You have no problems, don't start trying to "fix" them arbitrarily. You're better off saving that money to replace the valve cover gaskets. MMO and all those additives are feel-goods at best. Take the...
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    Is high speed driving considered severe?

    80 - 90 is hardly high speed driving. Down an Autobahn at 130? Thats different <img src="/forums/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="laugh" title="laugh" height="15" width="15" />
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    Has this capacitor gone bad (picture)

    Too bad you don't have a pile of leftover parts laying around. Metering the caps and stuff is generally a big waste of time, for me at least. Dig through the parts box, find an old PSU or something with a 450v+ test capacitor, probably anything over 47uF (or a few in parallel to get at least...
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    Has this capacitor gone bad (picture)

    C*apXon is a known bad-cap company. It pretty clearly is bulging, and the base is standing off the board too. Time for a resolder. Find yourself a decent cap and go nuts.
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    " Features & Benefits Use K&W Trans-X® High Mileage Automatic Transmission Treatment in vehicles with 75,000 miles or more. This high tech formula extends transmission life, restores viscosity, lowers temperatures and stops leaks in automatic transmissions. Extends transmission life...
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    Crank That Bad Boy!

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: morepwr</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Taking a filter off that has been over tightened and was dry on the install can be a real pain in the arse! </div></div> This. There's a lot of "let the next guy deal with...
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    Oil Recommendation Following Sticky Guidelines

    Pretty straightforward with this, stick to a 0W-20, and just get a quality synthetic. The Toyota OEM synthetic 0W-20 I know gets a particularly good rap around here, often called TGMO. I know for me at least, its rather cheap in contrast to other synthetics off the shelf, so I use it. Unsure...