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    2015 Subaru Outback First Timer

    Correct Pete. The fumoto comes with its own gasket. You don't need the gaskets from Subaru as you are replacing the drain plug.
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    Cardiac Ablation For Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib) ?

    I've had 5 ablations in the past 3 years. Seems like every time they do it they find more tissue that needs cauterizing. The procedure sounds worse than it is. Chances are, at worst you'll have pain in your groin for a few days. The hospital people will tell you all the things that can go...
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    QS Advanced Durability

    Sorry, I meant Ultimate Durability (0w-20), not Advanced Durability.
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    QS Advanced Durability

    As a result of another thread where members seemed to say good things about QSAD, I decided to replace the factory fill on my new Forester with it. I'd say it runs about the same as the factory fill. I think it idles a bit better but honestly may be about the same. As long as Walmart stocks...
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    Subaru Lineartronic CVT taken apart.

    Yeah, mind boggling to me too. I would think that the chances a proper rebuild would be nil. Also, no filter? I think OneEye has a point in getting the fluid changed a bit more often may be a good idea. So far, love my Forester!
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    Just got a 2016 Subaru Forester.

    SeaJay, I agree, the CVT seems fine. It supposedly gets a bit better MPG than the MT. The display indicates 24mpg for mine in suburban driving, so a bit low. I plan to check the right way with fill ups at the pump as I'm not sure how accurate the display is. Anyone hear of reliability...
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    Just got a 2016 Subaru Forester.

    JTK, I got a premium with CVT and eye site. Also some other options like a cargo tray, hard seat backs for the 2nd row, speakers and tweeters. I wanted what I wanted so it was a factory order. Took about 7 weeks for delivery. Paid just under 30K out the door. I think I did OK. From what...
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    Just got a 2016 Subaru Forester.

    Yeah, I just bought a '16 forester too. Dealership was crowded with customers. I had to wait for a salesman to become available. I asked for 2% under invoice but was shot down. We agreed to 1% under invoice but I think I paid slightly over invoice. I showed the sales man a list of options...
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    Occasionally almost rear ended

    I sometimes wonder whether people are taught about following distance anymore. I drive an automatic and am also frequently tailgated. I've been called to the scene of about 1000 accidents and have seen the damage first hand (retired police officer). I've been told that I am a slow driver but...
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    Should Arby's be boycotted for this?

    Police officers deal with childish behavior, nonsense, and stupid comments directed towards them, ALL DAY. When it's time for lunch, they just want to get their food and leave. Union issue? Hardly...
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    Republic Wireless

    Was on the $10/month plan with Republic. Nothing but trouble. Sometimes the phone didn't ring on incoming calls. Sometimes I couldn't call out. This mostly happened when on Sprint but also occurred on wi-fi. I couldn't get back to Kitty Wireless fast enough. Of course the unlimited plan...
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    Do wireless printers wear out?

    I had a Cannon Pixma with same problem. I was sure it was a software problem. I removed and installed new software several times. I'm sure I tried other things as well because I'm as cheap as they come. Finally got an Epson that seems to work...for now.
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    Finally Cut the Cable!

    I cut cable and use netflix and an outdoor antenna. Don't miss the cable bill, however the internet cost is $60/month. Luckily I think most of the stuff on TV is pretty bad and mindless. Good luck saving for the house!
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    Walmart Oil Change

    I have an acquaintance that worked in the local Walmart's quick lube center. Said everyone got 10W-30; didn't matter what the car required or what you asked for. He wasn't joking.
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    How Crazy Am I?

    You need to be more diversified unless you're OK with losing a large percent of your tuition money. The stock market lost, I think about 40% or so in 2008. It could happen again. Losses of 10-20% are common. If it were me, I'd probably split 50/50 cash and Vanguard Total Stock Market. Every...
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    How social are you?

    Plenty of acquaintances. Just a few real friends.
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    2005 Mazda3, Startup noise after synthetic switch

    Yeah I think the above posters got it! I have an '08 Mazda 3 with a 2.0. I'm guessing the motors are similar. I'm not one for playing amateur tribologist. Stay with 5W-20, assuming that's what the manual says. I run a motor craft FL910s, after all it's a Ford motor, and have no problems...
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    Worst car to change cabin filter on?

    2008 Mazda 3. It seems like they built the car around the filter. Dear Mazda, I am not a contortionist!
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    Pit Bulls

    I have a pit mix. She will lick you to death if she knows and likes you. In order for her to like you, she needs to meet you out side of the house. She is NOT good with people coming to the house unannounced. She makes a great watchdog. I must admit I would not let her near other dogs.
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    Getting a divorce

    Sorry to hear Brownbox. As others, been there, done that. Ask around for a good lawyer and interview him/her. You need to feel comfortable with them as you will be telling them things that you'd only talk about with close friends. That said, try mediation assuming they have that by you...