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  1. 95MERC

    What was your (reasonable) dream car as a teen?

    How about a nice Grand Marquis ??
  2. 95MERC

    What was your (reasonable) dream car as a teen?

    My 1974 FJ-40 and my 1983 FJ-60.
  3. 95MERC

    Green Grease or Lucas Xtra Duty?

    I have found the LUCAS X-TRA to be the very best under all conditions -- it doesn't wash out, and it doesn't freeze out.
  4. 95MERC

    Can A Gen 1 Prius with the 1.5L Use A M1-209 Filte

    Go to the MOBIL website and enter your car's info and your requirements. They'll hook you up with the correct oils, filters, and lubes for your Prius. It's or something like that. Good Luck !
  5. 95MERC

    Super tech grease?

    I've had many bad experiences with greases that contain molybdenum, and would not consider using ANY grease that contains that substance. Mobil 1 Synthetic grease contains NO MOLY, and has an excellent temperature range and water resistance. Works great in the desert heat and in the mountain...
  6. 95MERC

    Clear Coat?

    My '95 Merc was bought new in Daytona Beach, and has lived for the last 9 years in the Arizona desert. The factory clear-coated white paint still looks good, but some of the original pin-striping has faded away. LOTS of bad paint shows up here in the desert sun, mostly on GM cars and some...
  7. 95MERC

    Who Drives on 13" Wheels in 2015?

    Can't run such little-bitty wheels on modern cars with big disc brakes. Even my '95 Merc requires 15s to clear the brake calipers. Newer models of the same car went to 17-inch wheels to accomodate larger brakes. I stuck with the classic '92 "Italian Lace" alloys for my '95 Merc Resto. Brakes...
  8. 95MERC

    Hankook Optimo H727 - I'm Disappointed

    I was lured by the hype and the price of the Optimo 727s, and they SEEMED to be a great tire, but after 46,000 miles one of them just disintegrated for no apparent reason. Luckily, I was driving at about 40 mph when disaster struck, and there was a Goodyear/Dunlop/Hankook Dealer about 80 yards...