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  1. classic70

    2008 Cummins ISX CM871 15L 525HP

    My guess is elevated Iron is from sitting for long periods of time where the oil has drained out of the oil rifle. Essentially a few dry starts would explain the elevated iron.
  2. classic70

    Installation at Walmart?

    I have had walmart scratch all 4 wheels before. I was able to file a claim and got paid out for 4 brand new wheels with installation from dealer. If the price is right have them do it. Just be sure to take pictures of the wheels before hand just to make the process easier if there is a issue...
  3. classic70

    Valvoline Restore & Redline Oil - Cleaning Ability

    sell it, I am sure someone here could use it. Use the funds to buy your favorite flavor of oil.
  4. classic70

    Show us the "Luxuries" you own

    Milwaukee M12 grease gun. I could get by with a manual one but... Cordless impact wrenches, ratchets. I could probably get by with a lot less chainsaw than my 039 and cs-590
  5. classic70

    Tools you bought two or more of because it was so good.

    Knipex Cobra's. Have them at work and at home. No regrets. Craftsman pry bar sets when they were usa made and Sears was selling them for less than 20 bucks. Battery tender brand charger/tender Knipex combination pliers
  6. classic70

    Cordless ratchet

    spend the few extra bucks for M12, you will not regret it. The selection of tools is fantastic, often can be found for good prices on ebay or FB marketplace.
  7. classic70

    Why bother with a synthetic blend ?

    If it meets the specs needed and is on clearance, then I will use.
  8. classic70

    2014 Odyssey Sludge/Varnish

    PCV dumps blow by gasses into the front head. Normal for that engine to have a varnished front head. Had a 2012 odyssey that the front head looked varnished up, back head spotless at 200k. Would recommend to replace pcv buth other than that keep doing what you are doing.
  9. classic70

    Who makes a good grease gun?

    Milwaukee makes a nice one. Hard to go back to a manual one
  10. classic70

    Is my oil pressure somewhat okay?

    Pretty sure OP has a 4.3 which is SBC based and not LS based. Not sure that the LS pick up o-ring test will accomplish anything in his case.
  11. classic70

    4l60e no 3rd or 4th

    Pulled servo out last night, everything was in place and correct. Did notice the piston/servo clearance was very sloppy fit. I do not see how this could hold any pressure. Ordered up a replacement servo.
  12. classic70

    LLT 3.6L Timing Chains

    How many hours can you do the complete repair?
  13. classic70

    MAP sensor issue find in my '11 5.3 Tahoe

    My decel mpg never really got above 50. Swapped in a used sensor from my other vehicle and on the way to work this morning my decel mpg would go to 99. Avg according to tank was up 3 mpg. Hopefully a tank average will confirm results. My old map sensor had quite a bit of carbon in it.
  14. classic70

    MAP sensor issue find in my '11 5.3 Tahoe

    Been trying to pinpoint the drop in fuel economy on my yukon, may check my map sensor to verify it is good.
  15. classic70

    4l60e no 3rd or 4th

    No codes
  16. classic70

    4l60e no 3rd or 4th

    Awesome. I will give it a shot.
  17. classic70

    4l60e no 3rd or 4th

    I pulled my 4l60e out of my 70 gmc with the 5.3/4l60e combo for a rear main seal replacement. While it was out I put a corvette servo in it. I put the servo in because when I would really get on it it would not always hold 2nd gear. Anyhow, did rear main seal, installed trans back in and drove...
  18. classic70

    1" drive cordless impact

    What 1/2 impact do you have that is struggling with f150 lug nuts? Use the weighted crankshaft sockets. Never had a issue after that with 1/2 impacts taking crank pulley bolts out.
  19. classic70

    08 Toyota Highlander AC light blinking

    If you are looking into compressor clutch, check resistance of coil. Check voltage to coil. Check air gap of clutch. Those are all possible causes. I have seen several issues with wiring to AC system as well, usually the signal wire to tell the relay to activate the clutch.
  20. classic70

    08 Toyota Highlander AC light blinking

    Blinking usually indicates a error in system. Could be the low pressure switch is causing it if the system is borderline on pressure. I would check pressure on low side to see if the system is low on refrigerant. 100 bucks does not seem bad to check the system out, assuming you do not have...