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  1. Gunnar#1

    Havoline LifeLong 5W30 (And other flavors) Minor Price Drop 6qt @ $26.44

    These 6 quart boxes are super handy, take up as much room as 4 quart jug. The bag pours super easy and you can even refill it with the waste oil, which I don’t do.
  2. Gunnar#1

    How high can you stack 5 gallon buckets of oil

    I dont want the bottom bucket to get messed up.
  3. Gunnar#1

    Tacklife KP200 - Battery Jump Starter On Sale $60

    I order one, the one I have is way old and will only charge to 3 out of 4 bars and this one had a cigarette lighter supply plug which is handy for a few thingsI have that only power up that way.
  4. Gunnar#1

    Best Aftermarket radiator and where to buy it?

    yea ive noticed that most auto parts chains sell the cheapest stuff they can , stuff you can get online for half. I bought a new ND alternator for my daughters Toyota that was the spitting image of the one I replaced and it was 30% less than a reman from the auto parts store.
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    how much oil do you keep on hand?

    $400 for 30 gallons of Rotella 5-40 t6 and $430 for 36 gallons of Napa 15-40
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    Autozone Castrol Edge 10w30 $2/qt

    The guy at the store where I got it said he had a hard time finding it.
  7. Gunnar#1

    Autozone Castrol Edge 10w30 $2/qt

    Got 9 quarts right by my house! I used the link at the top of the thread and it told me the 4 stores inside of 40 miles that had it, two if them show 1 quart and the third showed 8 but when I ordered it online the guy called from the store and said he couldn’t find it
  8. Gunnar#1

    2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Dealer Bulk 0w20 5,000 mi UOA

    I will use almost any cartridge filter but am a stickler for using OEM spin on filters, and maybe a Hi-Flo spin on with some motorcycles.
  9. Gunnar#1

    2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT - UOA - 2700 km

    I used Rotella T6 5-40 in a Yamaha Super Tenere on a long distance trip Artic trip and did an oil only change 4000 miles in and went 10,000 on that oil. I rode overladen, hard, fast, and dirty, 2500 of it caked in calcium chloride laden mud, and I noticed no degradation in shifting.
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    Rental Cars - how do you treat them?

    When I was younger I treated them terrible! But I grew up and now I treat them like I own them. The major rental companies won't rent to anyone under 25 and here's why. In 92 when I was 19 my girlfriend rented a little Saturn and it had a manual transmission, I did a 5th to first thing and it...
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    New Versus Used Calculation

    I usually buy a relatively new, one or two year old, vehicle with low miles. The last couple have been brand new because of the crazy used prices. The absolutely cheapest way is to buy a salvaged title car with low miles that's been repaired correctly, then drive it forever. I just sold a...
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    how much oil do you keep on hand?

    Definitely a hoarder, not only do I buy it when there is a good sale, these days that's few and far between, I hunt it down and buy it from people selling random oil on CL and Offer Up, sometimes its free, I don't keep the partials just recycle them. I have noticed that some mechanics seem to...
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    Old motorcycle filter cross ref

    Yea well Italians......its pretty safe in there, except for when it spins off. Most guys put a hose clamp around it with the head against the pickup baffle to keep it from spinning off.
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    2021 Nissan Frontier 3.8 v6 factory fill 5020 miles

    I bought it new 6 months ago and just changed the oil for the first time at 5020 miles, the recommended interval is 7500, I will probably be doing 7500 from now on. There was some debate on the club frontier site about how much the fill was somewhere it was said to be 5.3 quarts, but I used 5...
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    Old motorcycle filter cross ref

    IN the pan.
  16. Gunnar#1

    Old motorcycle filter cross ref

    My Moto Guzzi has the filter INSIDE the pan!
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    Post your latest oil change

    I just did my first oil change on my 2021 Nissan Frontier 3.8 v6 4x4 with 5020 miles on the factory fill oil, which I have sent in to Blackstone and am waiting on a report. I refilled with 5 quarts Supertech 0/20 and a Mahle, made in Japan, factory oil filter. The filter was under $11 and the...
  18. Gunnar#1

    5w30 in a car spec for 0w16

    I think it’s because the dealers want to run the oil they HAVE in stock.
  19. Gunnar#1

    Valvoline maxlife 0-20 2000 miles 2020 Nissan Frontier 3.8

    Yea it would! Hard to imagine it being less that $50k thats double what I spent on my 2021 king cab s 4x4!