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  1. Indyvwhonda

    Post your latest oil change

    2004 Acura TSX approx 193,300 miles Out: Harvest King 5W-30 Full Synthetic/Fram Tough Guard In: Supertech 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic/Fram Tough Guard I only did approx a 3k mile interval this time. With unknown service history (last changed when I bought the car in late 2020), and a need...
  2. Indyvwhonda

    any thoughts on two budget cuv's?

    The CR-Vs in the US all went CVT for the 2015 model year. HOWEVER... No turbo, no CVT, FWD... I've got it!!!! 2016-2018 Honda HR-V with a 6-speed manual trans.
  3. Indyvwhonda

    Post your latest oil change

    2004 Acura TSX - recently purchased Out: Unknown oil, Napa ProSelect filter In: Harvest King Full Synthetic 5w-30, Fram TG
  4. Indyvwhonda

    What insurance do you need to drive for Lyft/Uber?

    If the goal is to drive and make money doing it... I encourage you to look into being an employee of a transportation company. If the goal is to work for yourself while driving, I encourage you to look into delivering packages rather than people. (The major insurance company I work for provides...
  5. Indyvwhonda

    New US Emissions ...rollbacks might not matter.

    "A government cannot regulate its population into prosperity." -Me People want to by bigger and less economical vehicles. I wish politicians would stop trying to artificially manipulate the free market. Also, perhaps small engines like those found on lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and chain saws...
  6. Indyvwhonda

    2011 Honda Accord V6 VCM Lawsuit / Recall Work

    Ring jobs are very common on these engines... My theory is the issues are caused by having the valves closed on the VCM side of the engine when running on three cylinders... The pistons continue to move of course which creates a vacuum and wears out the rings... That's my theory.
  7. Indyvwhonda

    shelf life

    Let's find out. Cut it open! (and buy a new filter)
  8. Indyvwhonda

    Auto Insurance REVIEW & Medical Coverage

    Based on the type of coverage you have I presume you are in NY... I suggest keep 100/300k for the bodily injury and un/under (injury claims add up quickly) Keep 100k property damage liability (Likely won't save much by lowering) If you are indeed in NY Basic PIP 50k is required You likely do...
  9. Indyvwhonda

    Honda Civic Car Battery-2 Q's

    Good news concerning the radio code... The newer Honda radios are self-coding... All you'll need to do is hold in the power button until it resets.
  10. Indyvwhonda

    2001 Accord v6 w/ 183k. Oil rec/wreck

    Transmission... Drain and fill... Do it now, do it often. Timing belt... Find out when it was last replaced... (Replace if necessary) Oil... That engine will be happy with just about anything.
  11. Indyvwhonda

    2013 Honda accord 2.4 DI let's talk.

    The easiest way to find out is to ask... At the Honda dealership where I worked for several years your car would get Pennzoil Plat 0w-20.
  12. Indyvwhonda

    Anyone here attending Indy in person?

    Yep. I go every year.
  13. Indyvwhonda

    Oil recommendation, 2005 Honda CRV 2.4 110k miles.

    Whatever is on sale... 5w-20... conventional... cheap (of course I mean an actual oil that meets common specs, not just universal brown fluid)
  14. Indyvwhonda

    What should be a domestic beater car?

    Ford Focus; Chevrolet Cruzebaltalier
  15. Indyvwhonda

    Post your latest oil change

    2002 Honda Civic LX sedan (SOHC) out: QSGB 5w-20 Fram XtraGuard This OCI (longer than usual) 6450 miles, 5 mos. (usually do 5k miles) in: QSHM 5w-20 FullFilter A01 (VERY confident it's a re-boxed/differently labeled Filtech OE A01)
  16. Indyvwhonda

    Oil pan bolts... Threadlocker?

    Great news, my girlfriend's 02 honda civic (LX with steel pan and actual gasket) isn't burning as much oil as I thought. The oil pan gasket has failed. I'll be replacing it with a new OEM gasket in the next few days... Should I use some sort of threadlocker on the bolts? (Obviously will be...
  17. Indyvwhonda


    Methinks there was likely some sort of incentive to be had for selling the O''Reilly syn oil. In all likelyhood, a good quality oil, but not M1.
  18. Indyvwhonda

    People who run into animals ...

    Although... from the point of view of insurance companies... 1. hit the animal = not your fault; or 2. swerve to miss the animal, hit something else = your fault