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    oil change at the dealership

    Seems like you are fortunate to have such a mechanic.
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    oil change at the dealership

    I do all of my own maintenance and repairs so this business about buying your own parts and then having someone else make the repairs confuses me a bit. Do you take the car in for repairs, have the mechanic diagnose the problem and then call you to order the correct parts? Do you then take the...
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    most disappointing car you ever had.

    1968 Volkswagon Squareback bought new. No heat. No ventilation, leaked water like a sieve. Couldn't drive in the rain without getting wet from the knees down. Leaked gas. Wouldn't start from time to time. Had to take to dealer to fix things about once a month. Right after the warranty ran...
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    Recommendations for a Handheld Gas Blower

    I bought this Stihl about 8 years ago. It has a lot of power and It gets a lot of use. So far, no problems. Gas it up, two easy pulls and go!
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    HVAC Air Handler - wiring questions

    Thanks to all. I found where the connector with the brown and white wires go and see where the black and red wires need to be connected to supply power to the control board (red) and the transformer (black). You guys are a wonderful resource.
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    HVAC Air Handler - wiring questions

    I received a Bosch BVA 2.0 air handler yesterday. There are two pairs of wires with bare ends and one connector with brown and white wires that is not plugged into anything. Could anyone who knows what these are for provide some advice? Dennis
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    YouTube Mechanics

    Taryl Dactal
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    small motors and a turbo = short life?

    I opted for a naturally aspirated V8, 467 hp.. They make a 4 door sedan too.
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    What are you working on today?

    Replaced all the rear control arms and brakes on a 1997 Lexus LS400. Had to pound the axle out of the hub with a spike to access the nut on the upper control arm ball joint. What a pain.
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    Browning A5 Clean Up

    Most if those old A5 16 gauge guns shoot a 2 9/16" shell. They will not properly eject the 2 3/4" shells that are standard today. I use 2 1/2" shells I bought from a company that makes vintage shotgun shells.
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    Remy Alternator failure after 1 year (BBB Industries)

    I replaced an alternator on my 1997 Lexus with a "Lifetime " Autozone (DuraLast) alternator. I was experiencing failures every few months with their alternators. Some didn't work new out of the box and they said it was something wrong with my car. Finally, I went in to exchange one and had...
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    Anyone Wear Clogs or Crocs ?

    They are dangerous on damp or smooth concrete.
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    My Lexus has acted up....

    I have a 26 year old Lexus LS400. About 8 years ago it started running poorly. I checked everything I could think of and the codes I got varied from one thing to another. I decided to check the ECU (computer). I removed it from under the dash (glove box area), opened it up an saw where...
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    2 cycle oil harder to find

    Some lawn equipment with 4 stroke engines require 2 stroke oil be mixed with the fuel.
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    Wow, blown away at Acura dealership service price

    Timing chains are very durable and can last forever. The problem with them is that without proper maintenance (frequent oil changes) they can wear and lengthen. When this happens they start slapping against the chain guides. If the chain and guides are not replaced when this slapping sound...
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    Wow, blown away at Acura dealership service price

    I recently replaced the timing belt on my Lexus LS400. The OEM kit cost $350.00 and in addition to the timing belt, it included a water pump, cam shaft and crank seals, tensioner, drive belt, thermostat, gaskets and some other things. I had to pull the radiator and dismantle the entire front...
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    1,000 salaried Ford workers retire after pension warning from automaker

    Lump sum pension payouts have always been calculated this way.