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    What's it like to live with a Mustang as a full time daily driver?

    The rear seats are unsuitable for passengers. Too much attention. We don't get snow here.
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    PowerBass car speakers

    I have a powerbass amp. Great for the price.
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    Advantage for using "premium extended filters" when not doing extended OCI's?

    Some filters achieve higher milage ratings with lower efficiency. I believe wix xp and Purolator boss are ones to avoid for this application.
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    Iridium Plugs and Gas Mileage

    My ford takes platinum from the factory. I switched to irridium plugs from almost new oem and saw +10% mpg and performance. I also have high voltage coils and ecu tuner which may have helped.
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    Request for assistance

    I would personally check for hardware or driver errors and unwanted software running in the background. A fresh windows install would probably set everything as new.
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    Hot Rod Camry

    I have an ecu tuner on my v6 mustang the biggest improvement is the transmission shifts the way it should now.
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    Maxlife multi vehicle instead of Mercon V?

    I would much rather and did use any multi that lists mercon v and not lv. The Mobil 1 that was/is $1.75 at autozone would be a great choice. The only reason ford does these backspecs to lv is emmissions. Sorry no experience except pondering the same question a few years ago.
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    Any reason to not switch to AGM?

    Does that mean one will cause chaos as a starting battery in my 2007 Ford? I like the weight savings but read mixed advice. I am in a tropical climate and will be trunk mounted.
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    How much to paint a Corolla hood?

    from all clues it seems to be the exact same stuff as plasti dip. It was at every local dollar tree back then. Ollies still has tons but has doubled the price. The color is a very close match to my oem.
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    $1,300+ monthly payment????!!!!!!

    Gotta gap these debtmobiles in my $1500 cash mustang. Thanks for making all of the turbos, suspensions, tuners and exhausts seem totally reasonable.
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    R.O. water for coolant flush

    I remember thus rislone webpage being the most official source saying distilled is wrong because hungry molecules absorb ur metals. They say to use "softened water". Hadnt heard of that, but a search brings up stuff about r.o. so i use it. Car runs fine...
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    Illuminated Wheels ?

    I would like some like led message fans. Could show the whole highway what brand and weight oil you are running, even connect to obd2 and real time olm data. If it could connect to the internet they could even read off bitog forum posts in real time for other drivers. Unfortunately, I think...
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    How much to paint a Corolla hood?

    I bought my hood used and the wrong color. 99c can of rustolium peel coat did it good. Another 99c for a newspaper to put over your windshield if you are fancy. Get complemented on the car often.
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    Jay Leno seriously burned after one of his cars catches fire.

    This really dashes my dream where one day I can afford high quality cars/parts and stupid stuff will stop happening.
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    Are headers a thing anymore?

    I got some in the mail the other day. From what I read it is mostly for looks and sound. I should have significant weight savings after replacing the whole exhaust. I already have a cold air intake and ecu tuner.
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    Aftermarket parts vs. OEM parts marketing

    Aftermarket tubular suspension with poly bushings is way better
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    Can you use a battery fluid tester to test coolant?

    If the needle is in the middle you are good
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    Can you use a battery fluid tester to test coolant?

    These testers look the same except for the sticker. Are they calibrated the same though?
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    Castrol Transmax multi vehicle full synthetic ATF

    No mercon v. I will stick with redline d4, royalpurple max, penzoil mv, and mobil 1 atf. Even if valvoline says their lv specced fluid is fine for v applications ford doesn't.
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    Lubeguard black bottles engine oil instead of atf?

    I have used lubeguard white bottle atf flush in the crank case before an oil change. Can't say if anything good or bad happened because of it. I bet black would have the same results. Higher friction modifiers sounds pretty good to me.