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    castrol XLR

    Castrol XLR was introduced in the U.S. around 1969 or 1970. I was attracted to it as my '64 Corvette was over 100,000 miles and the engine was beginning to get noisy. 10W-40 was the thickest multigrade available, then XLR 20W-50 came out. I tried it and got another 100,000 smooth quiet miles...
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    My Wal Mart: 5 ST Filters left. The rest FRAM

    When I go to Wal-Mart I only buy American made products, like oil, protein shakes, etc. I read the labels! I did break down once and buy a Belden (Chinese) auto charger for my cell 'phone - seven dollars! Everywhere else is $30-$40.
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    Easiest Oil Filters to Change

    If you ever get caught with a low car and no ramps, here's an old mechanic's trick. Drive the front wheel on the side where the filter and/or drain plug are up the little ramp formed by the curb at the edge of your driveway, onto the level curb. This will give you an extra 6" or so of...
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    Question for the board on how long my car will last using synthetic oil

    My fleet of Chevy trucks and BMW cars averaged 250,000 miles on conventional oil, changed at 90 days or 4,000 miles. With USA Castrol Syntec, I am getting 500,000 miles changing at 7,000 miles/6 months (old Chevys) to 15,000 miles (new BMWs). By the way, when an engine shows signs of age, I...
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    BFGoodrich Touring T/A Pro

    I buy almost everything from Costco EXCEPT tires. I have seven vehicles and five drivers under my roof and have learned from experience which tires fit the driving style and performance/value needs of each vehicle/driver combination. But Costco has their thumb up an orifice with regard to...
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    Worst Tires Ever?

    I tend to drive my vehicles a LONG time. I have 300,000 miles on my '64 'Vette (since '66) and almost 400,000 on my '90 Suburban. My wife changes more often : Porsches, Mercedes, Audis, a Firebird, an '80 Chrysler Town & Country rwd wagon, Jag XJ6s and most recently BMWs. Tried Goodyears and...
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    TEST/ DEMO - the story on additives

    I use Castrol Syntec in my engines, Red Line D4 in my automatic transmissions and Torco 75-140 in my rear ends. I'm getting over 200,000 miles on transmissions, over 350,000 on engines and even more on rear ends. When an engine begins to get "tired" (gas milieage and oil pressure begin to...
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    What is a good leather cleaner/conditioner?

    If you have GOOD leather (not Caddy "almost vinyl" or thin Honda stuff) Connolly Bros. Hide Food is best. My wife used to drive Jag XJ6s. I found the best way was to rub this stuff (it's like Crisco, full of lanolin) liberally into the leather with bare hands, in the morning. Then I would put...
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    Are Bridgestone tires safe and reliable?

    I am a BF Goodrich guy (6 out of 8 vehicles). But I know Bridgestones are GREAT truck tires. My son was lucky enough to get them on his CPO Z71 Silverado, excellent on and off-road. Also, on motorhome forums, people always seem to be ******* and moaning about poor handling with Michelins...