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    High Mileage 5.7 HEMI V-8's ??

    I have about107k on my 2010 Commander 5.7. I do oil and filter every 6k, although OLM tends to ding at about 5k. I use 5w30 or mix of 5w30/0w40. It has a mild "tick" but runs strong. MDS is shut off with Diablo tuner. Has had the exhaust manifold bolts break and been through a few water pumps
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    Need advice/info on 2013-2016 Acadia and Traverse with V6

    Really appreciate the input. They decided to look at other options. I agree with the above suggestion of a Pathfinder. Maybe Xterra. Toyota Highlander. There is a nice looking 2014 Mazda CX9 that might be a possibility , also.
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    Need advice/info on 2013-2016 Acadia and Traverse with V6

    Thanks for all the replies. These may not be the best option for them. Does anyone know when the GM 3.6 timing chain issues were supposedly "fixed" ? I know my wife has a 2017 Buick Lacrosse and I believe my research at the time seemed to indicate that version didn't have the same issues. They...
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    Need advice/info on 2013-2016 Acadia and Traverse with V6

    My daughter and her husband have asked me to help find them a vehicle. They have a baby on the way, so are looking at above vehicles for family/pet hauling. They are pretty narrowed down to above choices, but I'm hoping for input on issues, general experience with the V6, tranny and reliability...
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    New Beretta 92fs

    Congrats on the 92. They are very nice guns. Maybe a little "old school" but so what. I have a stainless Italian made 92 that is one of the prettiest guns I own. I keep a 96 locked in my office as a backup to my carry Ruger 380 while at work. Shoot and enjoy!
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    OEM Honda vs Aftermarket OEM Flywheels

    I think you would be fine with the Exedy part or even a Luk. Basically equivalent to OEM. I have not had any issues with either brands flywheels or clutch kits and saving some money is always a good thing
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    Tires for highlander for light off roading?

    I think you would be very pleased with the Contis. You stated that you have a different winter tire set, and mediocre snow performace is really the Contis only weakness. Mine have been the best riding and best wet performing ATs I've owned. Bonus, on my Jeep Commander they currently have about...
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    post your latest differential fluid change

    2017 Charger SRT 392 at about 6800 miles OuT: FF In: Redline 75w85
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    Rislone Nano Prime VOA

    I use tungsten disulfide powder for 2 main things currently. As noted previously, some shooters find it useful and I will often mix it in gunlube or oil to treat the metal on metal high friction points when breaking in new firearms. I have also been using it to treat my chainsaw bar and chain...
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    Mixing TruFuel and Gasoline?

    I think you are fine doing this. I've done similar many times and have never had an issue running multiple chainsaws and a leafblower with the mix. My current concoction fueling my equipment is a mix of e0 90 oct with Husqvarna oil, Trufuel, and RedArmor 50:1, with an approx. 45:1 ratio overall...
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    any reason NOT to switch to Verizon from AT&T network?...

    Primarily, I would go by coverage in the areas you frequent. All the big companies have hit and miss customer service, as well. We recently switched from Verizon due to cost and the cost of upgrading phones. Went with Total, still have the Verizon network at a fraction of the cost and they had...
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    K&N now offers oil

    It probably contains elevated levels of silicon antifoaming agents. Then you can't tell that it is their air filter causing the high silicon on your UOA.
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    New Shotgun Day - Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde!

    Good choice! Great looking shotgun. Congratulations on finding one. I just read a review on these a week ago or so. I have 2 590A1s. They are great guns.
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    Just watched my first ever episode of Star Trek- really enjoyable

    Had to jump in this thread. I've been a huge fan since a kid watching the syndicated original series on TV in the early 70s. Have seen all the episodes, most multiple times, of all the series through Enterprise. Built plastic models of the ships and devices as a kid, too. While I love all...
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    The Best Power Steering Fluid on Planet Earth!

    Not sure if its the greatest PSF on earth, but it does claim to be usable for Chrysler MS-10838 hydraulic fluid, which my Commander requires. The OEM fluid has been getting harder to find and the lowest price I've seen recently is about $40 a quart on Amazon. Evidently Penrite makes a compatible...
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    Black Vehicle??

    OK, I'm biting. I have a penchant for black vehicles. As is often said, nothing looks better(when it's clean!). I have owned or own now black examples of: 1970 Chevelle SS396 1991 Nissan Pathfinder 1996 Honda Prelude VTEC 2002 BMW M5 2003 Chev Tahoe Z71 2005 Harley Superglide Sport 2005 Corvette...
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    Looking for Quiet All Terrains

    I have the Continental All-Terrains on my Commander and have been extremely happy with them They are very quiet, handle well and are wearing better than the OEM Goodyears or the Yokohama All Terrains I had prior. The Yokohamas were the model before the GO 15. They were good tires but were much...
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    Springfield Is Bringing Back The Hi-Power

    Hmmm, may have to buy another Hi Power. Even considered the Turkish made one when it came out. To me, the balance and grip of the HP just feel "right". It doesn't specifically say if it takes all Hi Power mags or if their new 15 rounder is somehow proprietary.
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    Redline 5W30 6140 miles 2010 Jeep Commander Hemi

    So, this motor has "ticked" since new in 2010. Unfortunately, I'm familiar with "ticking" motors, owning 2 LS motors now and 2 others in the past. They all have made ticking/sewing machine noises and all have been trouble free for years and thousands of miles, even a couple track days. I also...
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    Redline 5W30 6140 miles 2010 Jeep Commander Hemi

    The High Performance series.