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    2023 Tire Satisfaction Survey by JD Power

    Some thoughts: 1) The JD Power survey on tires is actually a side project. The main focus of the survey is on vehicle brands. 2) Tires tend to benefit from "The Halo Effect" where the satisfaction level of the vehicle is reflected in the tire rating. For example, it is common for luxury...
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    Continental introduces another tire we won't get in the US/Canada

    Except in Europe, which is where Svenson is. In Europe, the Uniroyal brand is owned by Conti. which makes Svenson's comment kind of funny - unless he meant bang-for-the-buck.
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    Barry's Tire Tech: New/Revised articles

    New Article: Barry's Tire Tech: DOT Testing
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    Trying to Find the Smallest (& Cheapest) Tire for my Vehicle..

    Finding the smallest tire size for your vehicle is pretty complex, but you can get 90% of the way to your goal if you just use the tire size listed on the door opening placard. The cost range for a given size is much, much wider than the difference between tire sizes. Besides, you'll find many...
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    Another tire issue weird wear on outer tread

    This reminds me of when tires see aggressive pavement or gravel roads. Does that apply to the case here?
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    Over inflated tire…

    Nope. The hole is too big.
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    Over inflated tire…

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    Barry's Tire Tech: New/Revised articles

    Cressida, You've hit upon one of the reasons I don't like the temperature test. This is already confusing, and that test just makes things worse. Now for some clean up: I want to apologize because I have been saying the speed rating tests were conducted at the wrong pressures. H speed rated...
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    Barry's Tire Tech: New/Revised articles

    Fixed. Should have been: Thanks If anyone finds an error - spelling, wording, etc. Drop me a note: [email protected]
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    Barry's Tire Tech: New/Revised articles

    I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but I thought I'd post in this thread whenever I post a new/revised article. Here's a link to the main page: Barry's Tire Tech: Main Page Here are links for May, 2023: Barry's Tire Tech: UTQG Ratings (New May, 2023) Barry's Tire Tech: Followup on...
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    Lots of wheels weights?

    Hot diggity dog! A variation of "dots on tires"! There is very little commonality on marking wheels for high/heavy spots. There is very little commonality on marking tires for high/heavy spots. That's because each vehicle manufacturer has its own requirements and they don't seem to care what...
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    Lots of wheels weights?

    OK, here's what is going on. To balance a tire and wheel assembly, you need to add weights opposite the heavy spots. The further away from the center of rotation, the more effective the weights are - and for dynamic balance the further away from the centerline of the wheel, the more effective...
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    Indent on sidewall?

    Wow! That's a big one. Nothing to worry about, but it sure is large!
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    Rolling Resistance Increases as the temperature drops!

    And it's even more complicated than that! It's actually the difference in the amount of energy you put in vs what you get out. Think of the tire as a spring and the rolling resistance as the internal friction of the spring. There is always some energy loss.
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    Rolling Resistance Increases as the temperature drops!

    Except that RR testing takes place in a closed room. They are not reporting on the effect temperature has on pushing the car through the air - just the affect on tires.
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    Rolling Resistance Increases as the temperature drops!

    I assume they followed standard testing procedures and matched the pressure. The only difference would have been the temperature of the room. It would make no sense if they didn't match the pressure.
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    Rolling Resistance Increases as the temperature drops!

    From Tire Business May 8, 2023 How does temperature affect rolling resistance? By Erin Pustay Beaven GREENVILLE, S.C. Range can be a very tricky thing. Electric vehicle range is, simply, inconsistent. It changes over time, across driving conditions and with temperature fluctuations. And...
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    Tires for 15 Passenger Church Van

    And I would add change often! You're in Virginia, so I think that means every 5 years. Put it in the church budget!
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    Does air pressure trump speed rating for ride quality?

    First, be careful. Many people define ride quality as vibration (or vibration-free). I think the word you are looking for is ride harshness. When it comes to ride harshness, inflation pressure rules. Yes, you can feel the difference between tires at the same pressure, but the effect pressure...
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    Chinese Michelin Pilot Sport 5

    Some thoughts: Michelin is notorious for secrecy in their plants. China is notorious for stealing secrets by helping companies open plants in China. So when I hear that someone has toured a Michelin plant in China, I think that might be because there are no secrets to see there. Either the...