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  1. wheelman1991

    Looking for tires for the Neon

    OP, perhaps give these a try? I put a pair on the front of the 190d on 03/09/23. (In the oe 175/70/14, but they were within a few dollars of your size) even though they are about as inexpensive as you can get, I'm thoroughly impressed with them so far...
  2. wheelman1991

    Looking for tires for the Neon

    The broken belts that I saw on customer cars (and my own as well) occurred mostly on heavier cars like the gm w body, ford Taurus/sable, gm cuvs and by a wide margin Mopar minivans. (Poor tread life was across the board) The local roads don't help, but these are very bottom of the barrel, in my...
  3. wheelman1991

    Looking for tires for the Neon

    I have experience with the Douglas all seasons on a wide range of vehicles. I personally don't like them them, due to the fact that I always seem to end up with at least one with a broken belt. On top of that, Even on the front of my 85 Mercedes 190d, (a rear wheel drive car that only weighs...
  4. wheelman1991

    RWD? FWD? AWD? What's best in snow, by how much?

    To me it feels like going from 5th to 3rd on the highway.
  5. wheelman1991

    RWD? FWD? AWD? What's best in snow, by how much?

    On a side note, one thing that I see that equally amuses and frustrates me. Living 8 miles from an army base (and 35 miles to the Canadian border) I frequently see tires on vehicles that have no business being on the road during the winter. The main categories are rwd cars with high performance...
  6. wheelman1991

    Why haven't any vintage Mercedes diesel fans picked this up yet?

    As I dictate this reply behind the wheel of my 85 190D, (which has a 75 HP 96lb-ft non-turbo diesel with a four-speed slush box.) Is it fast? No, not by any means. But I have no issue running it up to 80 mph on the interstate (the car will do 100, but only "on a deserted road in Mexico") I see...
  7. wheelman1991

    Predator 3500 Spark Plug

    My snow blower runs the BPR6ES, and so does my wife's Volvo 240. (Strange but true)
  8. wheelman1991

    So will GOOD used cars become rare soon?

    At the end of this march, I will have my 32nd birthday. Growing up poor, the family cars were late 70's- early 90's $400 s#!t boxes with more miles than a greyhound bus. To this day with driving vehicles from 1947 to 2021, that automotive era is my favorite.
  9. wheelman1991

    What gas stations have free air?

    Stewarts, byern dairy , and some family owned stations.
  10. wheelman1991

    Volvo 240 Power Steering Reservior

    If you were closer, I would just give you the entire pump assembly from my wife's 91. After one of the small lines on the rack got damaged, I patched it with a piece of fuel hose and never reinstalled the belt to the pump. 4 years later, it's still the exact same way, I found it really easy to...
  11. wheelman1991

    Oreilly's Auto Parts 15w-40 HDEO Info

    Nice, looks like it's on par with rotella t4.
  12. wheelman1991

    Any members battling the snowstorm in New York?!

    We ended up with 61 inches in total of heavy, wet snow. Trying to clear out the driveway with a snow blower became practically impossible towards the end. The owner of the gas station across the street knocked the driveway out once for us.
  13. wheelman1991

    Future vintage car: EFI or carbs better?

    Option 3, a mechanically injected diesel. If it had to be a gas burner, it's a toss up for me depending on the longevity of the EFI parts. On an 86-01 Ford, Gm, and the Asian brands, give me EFI all day. 86-1993 Volvo? I'm one more faulty fuel ECM or maf away from putting on a carb setup from...
  14. wheelman1991

    Are you OLD.

    I'm 31 and have roughly the same experience as yourself. The only thing that I didn't have experience or exposure to was the duck and cover under the school desk.
  15. wheelman1991

    Anyone haul their own Heating Oil?

    I live in a 2 bedroom ranch with a full basement. It's heated via an outdoor wood furnace added to the original oil burning boiler. When I ran out of wood last winter, I put 40 gallons of diesel in the tank (I confess I'm not exactly good at being prepared, and the oil burner was considered...
  16. wheelman1991

    Timing belt seems off by a tooth on Volvo 240

    OP; based on the pictures you took, the timing was spot on, but the engine was rolled just past mechanical TDC. I am generally skeptical of harmonic balancer timing marks, either do to slippage or incorrect timing tabs.
  17. wheelman1991

    Who provides the nicest owner's manuals?

    Is your opinion based on a more modern Mercedes? I can't speak for the new stuff, but the owners manual for my 190d is pretty informative. Maintenance items are pretty well laid out, including serpentine belt size and routing, bulb and fluid specifications, how to change bulbs and even how to...
  18. wheelman1991

    Explain this fuel injection wiring diagram

    Volvo / Bosch used two ECUs around that time, (I assume they felt that putting fuel control and the ignition system in one box was too hard?) Batch firing fuel injectors are less complicated vs sequentially.
  19. wheelman1991

    Kumho Wintercraft WP71 opinions

    The pair for the Volvo 240 were studded, the set on the 190d were not. (I mounted them in may. Anything was better than the 17 Year old tires that were on the car when I bought it One popped while heading home, while on the trailer.)
  20. wheelman1991

    Kumho Wintercraft WP71 opinions

    I had a brand new pair of the altimax arctics on the Volvo, and a full, nearly new set of them on the Merc. (Purchased used because they were dirt cheap and didn't want to spend the money until I put the car on the alignment rack where I worked) In both cases, they were hot garbage. The Volvo...