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  1. Macsignals

    2003 Subaru Outback EZ30, Napa 5W30 Hi-Mileage Synblend, 4417 miles

    Sorry, forgot to post it. 75,047 at time of change.
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    2003 Subaru Outback EZ30, Napa 5W30 Hi-Mileage Synblend, 4417 miles

    Looking at some other H6 threads I've seen that mentioned. Thinking I'll switch to that next, thanks!
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    2003 Subaru Outback EZ30, Napa 5W30 Hi-Mileage Synblend, 4417 miles

    Analysis for my new-to-me daily driver. 2003 Subaru Outback LL Bean, EZ30 H6. Napa 5W30 High-Mileage Synthetic blend. Supertech ST9688 filter. No change in oil level throughout the interval. Ran for 4174 miles and looking at the TBN I'm glad that's all I ran it. Used this oil twice for runs...
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    2016 Sierra, 5.3L L83, ACDelco Full syn 0W-20, 5528 miles

    New report from the middle of this month. Was running RGT 5W30 this round. Fuel dilution jumped, which I wasn't expecting since I went back to my old job in March, so longer commutes along with a trip to Ohio, three trips to the Schuykill Valley/Poconos and a few to the shore and back. Skipped...
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    Post your latest oil change

    Delayed post, but on June 13th: GMC in my signature, out was Shell RGT 5w30 and a Bosch 3502 with 6697 miles, OLM at 13%. In was Rural King 0w20 (bought in Ohio on a road trip) and an ACDelco PF63E. Two guys at work and I split a case of the filters from RockAuto for our trucks. Also changed...
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    Getting my Chevy 4.3 to 300k

    I'll echo what everyone else said, stick to what you're doing but change those intake gaskets before they come to bite you. And when it hits 300K, send that thing up north and I'll buy it!
  7. Macsignals

    Experience with the Ram 3.0 diesel

    You'll be better off with the 3.6, even if you take a long trip every week to take care of it you'll never realize cost savings especially versus the 3.6. I can attest the 3.6 runs well in a Ram, if going for the classic body just get the 3.55 axle gearing and limited slip.
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    Boy did I have a scare today! Still a little concerned...

    Good on the owner to take it back, own up to it and take care of it.
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    How happy are you in your profession ?

    I'm a rides mechanic/electrician at a small kid's amusement park outside Philly. Once you strip the cartoons and fiberglass off, it's the same as any other industrial maintenance job with electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. With two small 30-35MPH roller coasters thrown in. I'm still...
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    Detroit 4-53T swap update.

    That is insanely cool... Now I want one.
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    Post your latest oil change

    GMC in my signature. 55,333 on the clock, 4,954 miles on the oil and filter. Out: Castrol Magnatec 0w20, Bosch 3502 filter In: Shell Rotella Gas Truck 5w30, Bosch 3502 filter. I had some Castrol Edge 0W20 for mine and a buddy had the 5w30 RGT for his... I mentioned mine dilutes the oil and...
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    Shop organization

    Looks good, if you hadn't said otherwise I would have guessed you planned the extra 5" for the jack underneath. Side note, good call on the grey receptacles in the garage. I've tried talking people into that since they don't show dust and oily messes as easily, no one really goes for it until...
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    Entry level/starter homes $200-300,000?

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    Wix UOA 2016 5.3 Ecotec with Napa 0w20 HIGH Titanium?

    Here's one of my UOAs of the same engine and oil in my truck with the titanium showing: <a href=""...
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    What kind of bed do you own?

    Tuft & Needle on an IKEA base. I took a chance on the T&N when they first came out but figured the guarantee was worth it. Been using it two years now with no noticeable degradation. The base needs tightening up though.
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    Is a weekly long drive enough to entirely counteract short-trip issues?

    My first UOA of my GMC's L83 with a 20 mile back roads commute and some road trips thrown in doesn't look much better than the subsequent two with a commute where the temp gauge doesn't even hit 210 before I shut the key off- except fuel dilution and viscosity breakdown. I'm doing 5K oil changes...
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    38,000 mile 5.3L Chevy Flex Fuel oil

    Your engine isn't direct injected like the L83 in my GMC so you don't have to worry about the problems associated with that, but yes the AFM system- mainly the lifters- would drive me to change it per the OLM or maybe sooner. If it's like mine it'll max out around 7500 miles. For that 7500 mile...
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    How to gain power on a 1996 Dodge Stratus 2.4L?

    Do all of the maintenance, oil, spark plugs, timing belt, brakes, ATF etc if they haven't already been done. Put a cold air intake in it maybe, don't put a loud muffler on it unless you're into loud/harsh four cylinders. Then push it off a cliff if you want it to go faster. In all seriousness...
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    Supertech 0w20 shortage

    Lately anything 0W20, 5W20 and 5W30 seems to fly off my local Walmart's shelves. Then again the whole store looks like the Tasmanian Devil tore through so I consider it normal. If I didn't get turned onto rebates and deals on this site I'd be running ST 0W20 in my GMC, I used to run the...
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    My Dilute Calico Cat

    My tortie kitten named Roo I adopted after my buddy and his girlfriend were fostering the litter she was in. She's 8 months old and we ended up going back for her tabby brother who never got adopted. <img...