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  1. drm7

    Atttention Honda Owners/Oil Monitoring Computer

    I just bought an '08 Civic LX with the OLM. Does anyone know how many miles it takes in average commuting to trigger an oil change? I drive moderate city/country 21 miles each way to work. Mostly 45-55mph. Is the Honda 5w20 oil a semi-syn or full syn? BTW, this car is a great car. It...
  2. drm7

    Determining value of a Colt .357

    Forest: thanks for the info. It is stainless with rubber grip and hard case. I probably have the original docs but they would be hard to find. I bought it in 93 or 94.
  3. drm7

    Determining value of a Colt .357

    I figured +P for extra stopping power. I would really need to get her shooting with regular and +P to see if she has any fear of the stouter load. I haven't really had to deal with the idea of her being able to shoot but I've started traveling a lot with my job and with our two girls I want...
  4. drm7

    Determining value of a Colt .357

    47HO: she has small hands and thin frame (my wife). The weight and size of the Colt is too much for her. Better to have a comfortable size and fit instead of something awkward to swing. JMO. Now I just need to list is somewhere. I'll check out the link posted earlier to see if I can list...
  5. drm7

    Determining value of a Colt .357

    I really don't know. Both look like heavy frames to me. This is a beefy gun. I'm a casual shooter and don't really know the differences.
  6. drm7

    Determining value of a Colt .357

    That round sounds like it might split my wife's forehead. Maybe mine. :) I carried it as a sidearm for deer hunting. I don't hunt any more and need a lighter gun and lighter round for my wife. She is rather small. I hadn't checked yet but I was hoping they still made the +P .38 as it...
  7. drm7

    Determining value of a Colt .357

    Satin stainless (nickel?) with the rubber grip or whatever, not wood. I also have the hard case it came with.
  8. drm7

    Determining value of a Colt .357

    I have a very lightly used Colt King Cobra .357mag with 4" barrel. How would I determine it's value? I'm interested in selling it and maybe replacing it with a Glock for home defense. I need a lighter round for my wife to handle. I'm considering getting her a snub nose .38 and I'll have the...
  9. drm7

    Disappointed in Philips VisionPlus +50

    I just put one 9003 bulb in my 2003 Mazda MPV and left the other bulb stock for comparison. The other bulb is original and 4 1/2 years old w/83,000 on the clock. While the light is whiter and maybe slightly brighter it really didn't seem to do much for me. I remember years ago getting the...
  10. drm7

    An almost-Darwin candidate

    It would have been nice to move the car. Even though she was spared the two guys in the train were at risk if a derailment occurred. Did she have the engine off?
  11. drm7

    Hit and RUN!

    I had my identity stolen a few years back. 2 credit cards, 2 cell phones, over $16,000 of debt that would never be repaid. My credit took a hit for over a year. No one cared. The case was never solved even though the perp made a $2600 car repair on one card. Should have been pretty easy to...
  12. drm7

    Someone is stealing my lunch...

    Who has a small enough tool to fit in a milk jug? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/dunno.gif" alt="" />
  13. drm7

    flu vaccination

    When my wife was pregnant last year no one had the mercury free shots. We searched everywhere. My guess is that it will be the same this year. Don't know why they don't have those shots around here.
  14. drm7

    flu vaccination

    It is my understanding that fluoride occurs naturally in many water supplies and people's wells. Is this the same compound as found in toothpaste? My toothpaste has sodium fluoride but I think I've seen another fluoride compound used besides this one. I use Colgate Total which has triclosan...
  15. drm7

    Annoying dirge of the earth, cooper scavengers

    My ex-bro-in-law, back in the 80's, saw a school being torn down with all aluminum windows. He bought the rights to the windows for $200. The guys tearing down the school used their equipment to gather the windows in a pile. They then used their tractor to crush the frames up and put in his...
  16. drm7

    Annoying dirge of the earth, cooper scavengers

    What is the going rate for metals? (copper, iron, aluminum, lead, etc) I've seen stocks of stuff going to the trash that I wondered if it would be worth selling to recyclers. My brother set out an old washer and a guy drove by and picked it up. Stated he scrapped the steal for $$$. How much...
  17. drm7

    Microsoft Defender and AVG antivirus

    I use both of these. No idea if either are great but my system runs. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  18. drm7

    Backup of Windows XP, Vist, etc.

    I've used XS650's approach with success. When my desktop died I bought a laptop. I plugged my external drive in and restored all my data to the new laptop. Not the prettiest but a cheap and easy solution. I use SyncBack from here: <a href=""...
  19. drm7

    Which OS are you?

    <a href=""><img src="" width="300" height="90" border="0" alt="You are HP-UX. You're still strong despite the passage of time. Though few understand you, those who do love you deeply...
  20. drm7

    Let's play "Guess what this critter is"

    African wild dog?