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  1. TX1256

    I No Longer Trust Blackstone Labs

    It once took two months for a pre-paid bottle of mine to make it to Blackstone. It made the trip from Dallas to Houston two or three times before it ever started going the right direction. The next pre-paid bottle I mailed made it in three days. Go figure.
  2. TX1256

    Best Hydrostat fluid?

    I went with Shell Rotella HD in my Mahindra. Meets the specs as I could not find Shell Spirax as recommended in my manual. Rotella HD does meet the Mahinda specs, and I believe Mahindra/TYM share some models/components on the smaller tractors. Made the hydraulic system much more responsive and...
  3. TX1256

    Massey Ferguson 135 - What hydraulic oil/spec?

    I'm sure CQ fluid will work fine. It's not like a 135 has a super sophisticated transmission or hydraulic system. We've gotten by with plenty of cheaper fluids for decades with no fluid related failures or issues at all, and yes that includes the dreaded "yellow bucket" 303 stuff too.
  4. TX1256

    What riding mower?

    Another vote here for the JD X series. Bought my X350 in April of 2016. Love the Kawi motor, 100 hours on it thus far with no issues. Should last me 20 years. Built stout, cast front axle, steel frame - built like riders used to be.
  5. TX1256

    Post your latest small engine oil change

    2015 John Deere X350 - 98 hours on machine Out: Deere Turf Guard 10w30 & Deere Filter In: Pennzoil Platinum 10w30 with Wix Filter Only had 8 hours on the Turf Guard, changed it before storing for the winter.
  6. TX1256

    GM has ruined the looks of the new Corvette so bad I now like the Camaro better

    New vette is very different, but I like the looks of it. The sound of it is somewhat off-putting to me, but I'm likely not the targeted demographic. The new Chevrolet trucks, however....those are ugly.
  7. TX1256

    School Me on Heated Jackets

    I use the Milwaukee zip up hoodie. I got a size smaller to keep the heat closer to my body. In the 40 to 50 degree weather it's pretty great on it's own. Back in February for the days long disaster down here in Texas, I wore a heavier coat over it and it was perfect - as I was stuck outside for...
  8. TX1256

    What Fluid to use on older New Holland Front Diff tractors? TS110 amd 7610s

    My Mahindra calls for 80w90. I recently drained the factory fill (2015 model) and replaced it with the Tutela 80w90 as you mentioned from CIH. I find it odd that it would take UTF in the front diff.
  9. TX1256

    Post your latest oil change

    2015 John Deere Gator 825i OCI: around 50 hours + or - Out: John Deere 10w30 Dino & John Deere filter In: Pennzoil Platinum 10w30 & K&N filter Wanted to switch to a full synthetic will all the start/stopping and torquey things it's used for on the farm. So far it runs much quieter on the PP.
  10. TX1256

    Need advice on substitute for Chevron 1000 THF

    I had the same issue with my M85p (just about the exact same tractor as yours). I found the Shell Rotella HD fluid made my hydraulic system MUCH more quiet and much faster/snappier with the loader. The Rotella HD even states on the bucket it meets the Mahindra spec.