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    Echo Red Armor Oil

    That’s why I won’t use the Stihl oil or premix - I’ll use it if there’s no other alternative. I’m sold on Husky XP+, SEF and Red Armor. TruFuel has no business in Echo or Stihl gear.
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    TSMC needs to hire 4,500 Americans but it's "brutal" corporate culture is getting in the way

    In Asia, more so Japan, being subservient to your company and dedicating your waking hours for them is a seen as a sign of honor - the sari-man is a common thing from what I’ve read. Don’t know much about Chinese work culture but they expect you to hustle. Fuyao would be a good example - Chinese...
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    Are Subaru engines made of glass?

    Mazda has, until recently has always been weird. Toyota’s starting to be a bit more involved with Mazda(Dynamic Force is scaled-up SkyActivG with D4-S, but Mazda isn’t building off TNGA) but has been laissez-faire with Subaru, mostly. But wasn’t small-displacement V6/12 more of an thing in...
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    Out of round drum check?

    Hmmm, good point. I’ll see if I can move the pistons freely.
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    2004 Nissan Sentra CV Axles

    If the axle can be saved, get a boot kit from Nissan. Else, pick a chineseium axle from your favorite parts box for the warranty and call it done.
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    Post your latest parts purchase

    2007 Honda Fit: Pair each of DFC drums and coated rotors DFC shoes Akebono pads(would go DFC as well but I don’t see this person regularly, so anything to keep them happy is a win) OE Honda parking brake switch OE Honda MTF Fram orange can of joy
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    8000 Miles Overdue for an Oil Change: Plan of Attack?

    No HPL. Maybe the Liqui Moly or BG EPR. I’d use M1 Euro FS, QS Euro or Rotella T6 5W-40 and call it a day.
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    Out of round drum check?

    $122 at Honda, which is a shock. I’ve ordered Chinesium DFCs, which claim to be “machined on drum-specific equipment”. I’ve heard aftermarket drums generally aren’t machined well and there’s complaints about them.
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    Out of round drum check?

    I had a tire shop turn rotors for $20, the local machine shop wants $30/rotor now.
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    Out of round drum check?

    Local O’Reillys don’t turn drums or rotors. What I did yesterday was spray Tinactin powder on the drum and spun it. There was an area where the powder was gone but the contact looked OK. I haven’t had the chance to get a new dial gauge from HF. At least we know the shoes are athlete’s foot free...
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    Out of round drum check?

    Abnormal wear on the “leading”(facing the front of the car) shoe on the driver’s side. The trailing shoe as well as the passenger side shoes look great, passenger side adjusted with no issue, driver side has a spot where it catches.
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    Prestone corguard instead of G12-evo for Lamborghini

    I would avoid it if there’s any RTV sealing up the coolant path(more so with Toyota), any leaded solder or in Subarus. Else, it’s a fine coolant I wouldn’t hesitate to use.
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    Out of round drum check?

    I did that - no vibration.
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    Out of round drum check?

    How can I easily check for an out of round drum or brake shoes? I’m trying to isolate either bad shoes or a bad drum on a 2007 Honda Fit. Part of me wants to get some chalk and see the outlines on friction and drum. I’m trying to salvage the drum, new Honda ones are $122 each - I’ve heard not...
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    What are you working on today?

    Old co-worker called me with a problem - brake light was on and beeping - he was topping off brake fluid and hears a grinding sound. Turned out the brakes except the driver’s side rear are fine. Diagnosed a bad switch at the e-brake handle. Also stopped by the local paint stores(Benjamin Moore...
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    Battle of silicone greases for caliper slide pins

    My SOP for slide pins is Toyota rubber grease or Dow 111 and Permatex Purple or similar for metal-on-metal. Now, I’m using the orange Permatex silicone ceramic on slide pins of one car - no issues yet.
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    Tail light lens assembly for 2015 Odyssey?

    I had to go through that exercise with a headlight housing. New Toyota one is pricey, only aftermarket one was Depo for HIDs. My ballast died due to moisture intrusion. Baked the light to soften up the OE sealant and got as much of it off as I could. Laid down fresh 3M Windo-Weld butyl tape from...
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    Epidemic of bad paint on new vehicles?

    Yea, GM had issues with paint delaminating in the 1990s. It was also when lead was eliminated from OE-level paints - aftermarket paints still used lead in reds and whites until the 1990s. Paint does add weight to a car - same reason why American Airlines had their planes “naked”, to save...
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    Help with a Belt Decision

    I have luck with Gates and Bando. Bando does make Ford’s belts, the Toyota OE Bando/Mitsuboshi will be different than their aftermarket line.
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    Epidemic of bad paint on new vehicles?

    PPG created the powder clear coat on request from BMW, it was an offshoot of industrial powder coating. The OEMs want both increased productivity in the paint shop, as well as lower costs - energy being the biggest one. BMW was also PPG’s first client for a 2:1 paint system that combined the...