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  1. gotnogunk

    Harvest King

    Who is making the Harvest King brand these days? Warren or Citgo I have heard both names thrown around.Others
  2. gotnogunk

    Yet another leaking Champion filter

    This is the second leaking champion filter on my Ford F150 3.7. I will tr try to retighten tomorrow. Made in Mexico from Rockauto.
  3. gotnogunk

    STP S8A C&P

    OK, but if you can't afford a WIX buy a Motorcraft..
  4. gotnogunk

    Walmart & batteries

    Wal Mart batteries are fine I would much rather have an East Penn that a wherever its made interstate. Make a copy of that receipt because the ink will fade in about 8 months.
  5. gotnogunk

    Best oil filters - dead horse thread

    I would stick with the basic wix. I'll suggest fram ultra as well just to beat someone else to the punch. Agree with Micahmcmeen., Hard to beat WIX GOLD
  6. gotnogunk

    Car brand that burned you so bad on reliability you'd never buy again?

    Jeep. A Love-Hate relationship for sure, Two Cherokees, .80's models, and a 2005 Grand Cherokee. Diff and 4X. But I still want one.
  7. gotnogunk

    Johnson Suzuki 225 4-stroke Engine Oil?

    Agree with STOCKREX- Mystic if you can find it, if not a good HDEO
  8. gotnogunk

    REC 90

    Rec 90 for boats around here. Sams has it for 1.70 now a great deal, most are 2.30 +
  9. gotnogunk

    Oil brand you've never used

    About half the ones tested on the PQIA website?
  10. gotnogunk

    Ford in big trouble?

    MIKE I CARE because this an American company, We had better get this under control and soon ,I do agree that this is part of the good old boy leadership and Board of Directors.
  11. gotnogunk

    Denso Oil Filters?

    Not hearing much on Denso filters on the forum, are the new Made in China as good as the Thailand models? I always thought of the Thailand Densos as very good filters and the cost at least from RA was reasonable.?
  12. gotnogunk

    What's your favorite outboard and why ??

    I've seen them at boat shows, but have yet to see one on any boats around here, SWFL. Honda powerhead and simple control etc should be a good combination.
  13. gotnogunk

    What's your favorite outboard and why ??

    Had a 1971 Evinrude 65 3 cyl that was a great outboard. now own a Yamaha very reliable.
  14. gotnogunk

    Bass pro shop 25w40 4 stroke oil

    While I have not used any of these oils I think they are all made by Warren Oil. Quicksilver Supertech Bass Pro
  15. gotnogunk

    Evinrude XD100 oil

    Read somewhere that it is from Lube Tech in ST.Paul,MN but that is nowhere near fact ???
  16. gotnogunk

    Coyote filter comparison and possible problem

    I had the same problem with the champion on my F150 3.7 v-6. I may try one more a little tighter.
  17. gotnogunk

    Mercury 25hp PCMO

    I use HDEO in 10W-30 in a 115 Yamaha with no trouble. Thought it might hold up a little better, but maybe not.
  18. gotnogunk

    GM Dexos 2 Full synthetic vs name brand full synthetic

    Marketing works I guess, but that is why we read this site. I can buy major brands cheaper because of rebates, but does it really matter?
  19. gotnogunk

    Wix/ Napa best oil Filters

    I like the discussion, agree with most. After years on this site, I still see a lack of comparison between filter medium . Why is one better than the others?? The filter paper is what filters the oil.
  20. gotnogunk

    Champion COS10590 - 5k - pics

    Exactly what I am doing, Techron plus CRC intake cleaner. This is a new to me car from 28,000 mi. so I will continue with this treatment.