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    Alcohol Detection Sensors

    On one hand it could reduce accidents and probably save the life of someone’s loved one. On the other hand, when does it end? How sensitive is it, will it create false positives ? I agree with stiffer penalties. and how easy is it to hail and Uber there days ? Easy! Lucky for me my wife doesn’t...
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    State Farm ceasing new applications in California for property insurance, other policies

    A lot of talk about Florida, and it’s true rates have gotten very high. It also depends on where you’re at in Florida. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, very inland for most of it now I live south Florida. I’m about 15 miles from the Atlantic coast and 45 min north of palm beach. My insurance...
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    Cigar Aficionados' of BITOG, what are you enjoying?

    Rocky Patel 10 year, Oliva V. I do love drew estate. All go well with some Jefferson Ocean bourbon or Blanton’s if I can find it.
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    Polestar 2 rental review

    Sharp looking ride. What’s the range on these ?
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    Why are there so many AWD cars now?

    I live in Florida, very flat no snow. Every SUV I’ve bought for the family was either a true 4x4 or AWD. Current Jeep GC is full time AWD. I like the better handling in our heavy rains or tropical storms. We get the occasional flooding and mud and muck on dirt roads that lead to trails I walk...
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    2023 Grand Cherokee rental review

    We have a 2022 GC in L form. Solid performer and beautiful well thought out interior. For us a great family car and road-trip car. Ours came with the passenger screen, that seems kinda gimmicky but my wife can type in a navigation waypoint there and the nav works well. I wish the v6 had more...
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    "The Subaru WRX Proves Everyone Wrong About CVT Transmissions"

    Meh, I leased a 21 civic as a putt around car for errands as I have a company car and we got my wife a GCL. I’ve only put about 6k a year on it and it’s cvt. Do I love it?? Nahh. I will say you get used to it and I don’t think anything of a cvt anymore. At first it drove me nuts. When I turn...
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    Golf Carts

    Golf carts in our south Florida community are huge. Playgrounds, dog parks, tons of restaurants, target all within a couple miles and it’s all golf cart friendly. The neighbors decorate them for the kids for Halloween and Christmas, my kid loves it. Very practical for the area and you can get...
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    where to buy water filters for fridge SGF-GWF

    I get GE filters on Amazon. Expensive but I trust what I’m drinking. Compared to the cost of all the bottled water I see it as still a good deal.
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    Insane Electric Rate Increase $508.68/1522 kWh

    I think Florida power and light averages 12-14 cents per kWh here in Florida. Not awful, we only need heat like 5 days out of the year but of course we have tons of hot days and my wife runs the AC 72 all the time. I’ve given up that fight. I think are bill is reasonable but our house is CBS...
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    They need to stop with these black editions

    I think black edition works great on some vehicles like it did on my 21 Tahoe RST in all black. I don’t even need all black I just hate chrome. Chrome door handles and chrome trim around windows and along the body- yuck. To each their own, I do see the blacked out phase trending out in a few...
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    Watching John Wick 4 now. i think its on its last legs

    I guess I’m into cheesy action movies, I loved John wick 4. I thought the cinematography was fantastic. I look forward to the prequel ballerina
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    BIG mid-sized SUV knowledge

    So my Tahoe was the RST all blacked out, awesome looking ride I couldn’t stop staring at. The Duramax provides great smooth power and 20mpg city 25-26 highway. The no start left us stranded at the worst times and was unpredictable. You could walk away for 3 hours and try again and it would...
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    BIG mid-sized SUV knowledge

    We have a 2022 Grand Cherokee L, limited. With 4x4 quadratrac 1. Only issue we had (seems all newly built cars past few years have issues) is a thumping that required new motor mounts. We last had a 2011 with the 3.6 and put 100k trouble free miles on it. Overall we love the Jeep, love the look...
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    What does your drive to work consist of?

    About 4 miles and 3 lights in suburban south Florida traffic. Not bad, we have a boom in population that’s requiring adding lanes.
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    Need help. How to agree on spending decisions with wife.

    My wife and I have a combined account we only need to inform each other of any luxury expense over $100.. all bills are on auto pay. She also makes more than me so I'm not too picky with her disposable income. She's usually very generous anyway most purchases benefit both of us. I think an...
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    List of cars you've owned

    1988 Honda Accord (carb) 1997 Chevy Malibu 2005 Ram 1500 2011 Jeep GC 2015 Lexus NX200 Current: 2018 Explorer limited 4wd 2014 Ram 1500
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    Meguiar's 3 - In -1 Wax

    Yes, I use all Meguiars and occasionally F11 on wheels. It's very similar to cleaner wax probably more aggressive as it has polishing properties. While still mild I think it's an improvement on cleaner wax.
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    Meguiar's 3 - In -1 Wax

    I've used it on my Ram and Wife's Explorer. Goes on easy comes off easy. It's not super aggressive so it only removed some swirl marks and light scratches but boy did it polish enough for deep deep wet paint. The wax protection seems to be holding up well after a few weeks. The simplicity of the...
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    Quieting Hemi Tick with Redline Oil

    I’m fairy certain I read that the MDS lifters won’t function correctly with a heavier oil. I’m still on the power train warranty so I’ll keep 5w20 PUP for now. I’m guessing 5w30 wouldn’t be too thick. Most ticks are broken exhaust manifold bolts but some can be the lifter as several 2011 hemis...